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SDS Shows Support for working class heroes, backs Republic Window occupation

by Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle |
December 10, 2008
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Students in the snow protesting at Bank of America
(Fight Back! News)

Milwaukee, WI - Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) demonstrated outside a Bank of America office in downtown here, Dec. 9, in an afternoon show of support for the United Electrical Local 1110 Chicago workers.

The Chicago workers, largely Latino, were laid off Dec. 5 by Republic Window and Door after Bank of America refused to continue credit to the company, despite having just received a $25 billion taxpayer bailout. The workers occupied their work site, earning international attention.

Armando Robles, President of UE Local 1110, speaking at the Fight Back! annual fundraising event, People’s Thanksgiving, on Dec. 6 stated, “We're not going to leave [Republic Window and Door] until we get every penny we deserve.”

Milwaukee SDS members who attended People’s Thanksgiving visited the occupying workers at the Republic Windows plant later that night. A 20-year company employee stated the place was his “home away from home” and that the fellow workers were “his family.” The occupying workers, arriving in 30-person shifts, were very encouraged by the local and national support of their occupation.

The National Working Committee of SDS has endorsed the workers’ bold and militant occupation. Numerous student protests have since taken place all over the country to support these working class heroes.

Despite a blizzard, about 20 people attended the Milwaukee rally. SDS students who just got back from an overnight visit to the occupying workers spoke over a loud speaker. The crowd also chanted, “Bank of America - you got bailed out, we got sold out!”

Natasha Morgan, an SDS organizer who visited the occupying workers and was attending the rally, said, “This is the end of the Bush era!”

Learn how you can directly help the workers by donating and signing their petition here: