Fight Back! - News and Views from the People's Struggle This newspaper exists to build the people's struggle! We provide coverage and analysis of some of the key battles facing working and low-income people. es Tampa community fights for tenants’ rights in city council meeting <p>Tampa, FL - Over 50 Tampa community members attended their city council meeting May 26 to demand immediate action to address the housing crisis. People’s Council Tampa and Florida Rising mobilized to demand more funding for rental assistance, right to counsel for tenants, a landlord registry, and an office of tenant advocacy that would help tenants with legal issues around their leases or landlord.</p> <p>Over 20 people spoke in the public comment period, many of whom also spoke at the February 24 city council meeting. Tampa residents voiced their frustration at the lack of action in the past three months while the rent crisis hurts senior citizens and disabled people. Residents of Madison Heights Apartments in particular spoke of rent increases in the middle of their leases and three-day eviction notices. The message was clear: What was the city council going to do about it?</p> <p>“This housing crisis has devastated people’s lives. It’s good to see people using that anger to push for real, concrete demands,” said Simon Rowe, member of Tampa Bay Community Action Committee.</p> <p>The Tampa city council filed a motion to investigate establishing a Tenant Advocacy Office in Tampa mirroring the one recently created in Miami. Councilmember Lynn Hurtak proposed an amendment to investigate the creation of a landlord registry, which would make it easier to document landlord interactions for complaints. The motion and its amendment passed unanimously. The city council will meet June 16 to discuss implementing the Tenant Advocacy Office and the landlord registry. The Tampa community will attend once again to make sure the city council follows through with meeting the community’s demands.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Housing Struggles Tampa Bay Community Action Committee Sat, 28 May 2022 12:40:19 +0000 Fight Back 9714 at Planned Parenthood workers to hold union election in 5 states <p>St. Paul, MN - On May 26 at 9:45 a.m., more than 420 Planned Parenthood staff across the five-state North Central States Region of Planned Parenthood filed union cards with the NLRB signed by a majority of their coworkers seeking a union election to become members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and Iowa.</p> <p>The election filing includes all non-management employees throughout Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. Many of the workers provide direct care including abortion services, and others work in education, outreach and office services, and other types of work. The workers requested voluntary recognition from Planned Parenthood management, which Planned Parenthood has since stated they will not do. Because Planned Parenthood declined to voluntarily recognize, the workers will go forward with a union election.</p> <p>At 10 a.m., May 26, some of the workers from the organizing committee on the union drive announced their election filing publicly through a press conference on Zoom, streamed live in the union’s social media. As Planned Parenthood and abortion rights face serious challenges in times ahead, the workers felt like now more than ever, they need a legally binding voice in decisions to better meet the challenges ahead and protect themselves. They also pointed to serious pay disparities between workers performing the same work and a lack of an ability to know what others are being paid for their same jobs.</p> <p>Sage Shemroske, a health center associate at the Uptown Minneapolis location of Planned Parenthood, told <em>Fight Back!</em>, “I am excited to go forward and win our election and show the boss that they don’t dictate our lives,” and went on to say, “I want to see my union work as a tool we have to feel less exploited under capitalism and not be alone in the struggles we face as workers.”</p> <p>When asked what forming a union means to them, Shemroske stated, “Trust in your fellow workers to not feel isolated. When you are feeling exploited, you are not alone and not feeling too low and grief-laden to fight back,” and, “Yesterday I was talking to a coworker and asked her concerns. She asked what cons [to unionizing] were. I said, there are none. When you are working as a collective and making space for the needs and wants of your coworkers there is no downside.”</p> <p>No date is set yet, but the workers are requesting a vote in early July as part of their election filing, which would be in keeping with the NLRB’s standard timelines.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo SEIU SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Obreros Sat, 28 May 2022 12:12:07 +0000 Fight Back 9713 at Los Angeles victory: One step closer to winning community control over LA County Sheriff’s Department <p>Los Angeles, CA - In a historic move, the Civilian Oversight Commission voted in favor of a resolution to support a charter amendment giving the LA Board of Supervisors, the Civilian Oversight Commission (COC) and Office of Inspector General stronger oversight of the LA County Sheriff's Department. The vote also included the ability of the Board of Supervisors to remove a Sheriff for misconduct. Members of Centro CSO, impacted families of police killings, Black Lives Matter-LA, the ACLU, and Check the Sheriffs Coalition joined the meeting and spoke in favor of the Board of Supervisors placing a November 2022 ballot measure to win community control over the LA County Sheriff's Department and Sheriff Villanueva.</p> <p>“It is time we hold Sheriff Villanueva accountable” said Luis Sifuentes of Centro CSO who spoke in favor during public comment, “this department has way too much power if they can interfere and block investigations on them, that’s why I urge the COC to create a commonsense structure of checks and balances.”</p> <p>Stephanie Luna, who is the aunt of Anthony Vargas, also spoke. Vargas was killed by East LA Sheriffs August of 2018, and during the COC meeting Luna stated, “We have a current sheriff that has allowed deputy gangs to thrive with no consequence, has allowed the criminalization and displacement of our houseless neighbors, defied multiple subpoenas, allowed the harassment of grieving families by his deputies - which he himself participates in with my family, actively takes part in coverups involving beatings within the county jail, and has dared to target anyone who seeks to expose their misconduct. Villanueva has publicly targeted my family, and the family of Paul Rea, including [Rea’s] minor sibling in multiple press conferences. He has used our loved ones’ murders to advance his own political agenda stating that we are the only families that have come forth with these claims of harassment and disputing our claims of the existence of deputy gangs. Deputies regularly harass family members of those they have killed!”</p> <p>During the meeting, the COC asked attorneys who were representing the ACLU and helped draft the charter amendment multiple questions. The charter amendment would give the elected officials the ability to remove the LA County Sheriff, give the Board of Supervisors more power – by giving them the ability to create policies against LASD, and to make the LASD Civilian Oversight Commission permanent. The amendment change would allow for the inspector general to investigate LASD and the LA Sheriff and ensure membership of community members directly impacted by LASD and the criminal legal system.</p> <p>After questions, a vote was called by COC member Sean Kennedy who was chairing the meeting. Only two COC board members voted against the resolution to the charter amendment; a majority voted in favor of the charter amendment.</p> <p>Expressing her happiness for the charter amendment victory was also Leticia Vazquez, mother of Marco Vazquez Jr. Vazquez was killed on October 9, 2019 by deputies from the Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Department. Vazquez said after witnessing the victory, “A charter amendment and other reforms are much needed to change the abuses and misconduct of Sheriff Villanueva and LASD. Former Sheriffs Lee Baca, Paul Tanaka, Alex Villanueva, and whoever wins the sheriff race should not have absolute power. This victory opens the doors to other changes that are much needed to help check the sheriff!”</p> <p>Carlos Montes with Centro CSO said, “We have raised the demand for community control of the police for years, and this is a major step forward. In the 90s during the LA County Koltz Commission hearing on deputy gangs, the demand for civilian community control was raised and we only won Advisory Committees at each LASD station. These committees were appointed by local captains; this was a sham and unacceptable. That’s why we continue with the fight for community control of police and organize with the Check the Sheriffs Coalition to win the democratic right for civilian community power over the police.”</p> <p>The next steps for the fighters of community control of LASD and Sheriff Villanueva are to convince the LA County Board of Supervisors to pass a measure to place the charter amendment in the November 2022 ballot. Centro CSO has teamed with the Check the Sheriff Coalition and the National Alliance Against Racist &amp; Political Repression to ensure LA defeats the crimes brought on the people by killer cops and deputies.</p> <p>If you wish to join Centro CSO’s Police Brutality Committee and become part of the movement, attend their monthly meetings which happen every first Thursday of the month, 7 p.m. (Pacific Time) via Zoom. You may contact CSO at 323-943-2030, <a href=""></a>, or @CentroCSO on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Brutalidad Policial Community Control of the Police Sistema de injusticia Thu, 26 May 2022 04:15:08 +0000 Fight Back 9712 at March and rally held to demand justice for Edgar Ortiz <p>Los Angeles, CA – On May 21, over 50 people gathered in the city of Bellflower, in the southeastern region of LA county, to demand justice for Edgar Ortiz. Oritz, who was 32 years old, was shot and killed by a member of the LA County Lakewood Sheriff's Station on March 3, in front of his family, during a mental health crisis.</p> <p>The protest began with a rally at Edgar Ortiz’s home with a large turnout with impacted families from around LA who have lost their loved ones to police violence. The family’s attorney, Angel Carrasco, attended and provided logistical support. Centro CSO led the march with a large sound truck and two big banners and the loud crowd, chanting for justice, marched through the busy streets into Lakewood. </p> <p>One banner called for “Justice for Edgar Ortiz'' and the second demanded that LA sheriffs stop killing Black and brown people and called for the booting out of Deputy Sheriff Villanueva, a member of the Banditos gang within the sheriffs. The banner also raised the demand for community control of the police.</p> <p>The long march arrived at the LA Sheriff's Lakewood Station and was met with a phalanx of fully-armed deputies with helmets and rifles. The youth, parents and children began chanting and shouting to the deputies: “Asesinos, murderers!” and other chants.</p> <p>The angry marchers started a rally led by Centro CSO. Edgar’s mother Maria Ortiz spoke first, crying and demanding justice. Edgar’s sister spoke powerfully, calling for systemic change to a system that allows for a rogue, corrupt and undemocratic Sheriff Villanueva to maintain power and terrorize Black and brown communities </p> <p>If you would like to join the monthly Police Brutality committee, contact Contact CSO at 323-943-2030, <a href=""></a>, or @CentroCSO on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for more information.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Brutalidad Policial Centro CSO Edgar Ortiz Sistema de injusticia Thu, 26 May 2022 03:18:07 +0000 Fight Back 9711 at Trans rights protesters hold Louisiana capitol lobby, removed by security <p>Baton Rouge, LA - On May 24 at 3 p.m., protesters held the floor of the Louisiana Capitol lobby to defend transgender youth. They demanded that Governor Edwards veto SB 44, a bill that would ban trans girls from playing sports. Republicans pushed the bill through the House and Senate with significant support from Democrats. </p> <p>The action also demanded a stop to the Don’t Say Gay bill and the ban on gender-affirming medical care for youth. These two other pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation did not make it as far in the legislature because of mass marches, phone calls, lobbying and rallies.</p> <p>Four participants linked arms and sat down in a circle, while one stood in the middle to lead chants and wave a Pride flag reading “Stop the sports ban.” They chanted “Hands off trans kids!” and “Democrats, pick a side, 44 is suicide!” They took inspiration from an abortion rights protest that used the same formation in 2019. </p> <p>Protesters rotated who was in the middle. Speakers highlighted how the sports ban was a ploy to scapegoat trans kids. They talked about how it was part of a billionaire-funded, coordinated far-right attack on all democratic rights. They said, “If we give the far right an inch, they take a mile” and pushed for unity in defense of LGBTQ youth.</p> <p>They held their ground for half an hour before security and capitol police pulled them out because “the noise disrupted the legislative process.” On May 12, evangelicals held a loud rally against abortion in the same lobby with no harassment from capitol police. </p> <p>Mar Ehrlich, a protester with Real Name Campaign, commented, “The protest was really successful. Over 100 youth got to see it. We don’t keep quiet when our dignity’s under attack. The legislature and the governor have been ignoring us for months, so we made sure we were heard.” </p> <p>Students of all ages from different schools were in the lobby on field trips. They watched the protesters and encouraged the action. Several were noticeably quiet about supporting, possibly for fear of anti-LGBTQ sentiment in their school groups, but they gave discreet thumbs ups anyway.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo LGBTQ Real Name Campaign Thu, 26 May 2022 02:33:22 +0000 Fight Back 9710 at Appleton, WI: Students and community members rally in defense of reproductive rights <p>Appleton, WI – On May 14, Fox Valley Food Not Bombs, a coalition of progressive Appleton residents, and Appleton Students for Democratic Society (SDS) organized a rally to safeguard the reproductive rights of women and others capable of giving birth across the country. This event was held in response to a leaked Supreme Court majority draft, which concedes that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The event was attended by more than 20 people and it was directed by various speakers, all of whom are directly affected by the ongoing crisis.</p> <p>Madi Jones, a member of Appleton SDS, not only proclaimed that the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is a threat to the rights of all people with uteruses, but she further highlighted the way in which the birth control movement has historically disenfranchised oppressed nationality working-class people.</p> <p>The organizations and different individuals involved in the protest are committed to action in the event that the attacks on reproductive rights continue or escalate.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Appleton SDS Roe V. Wade Women's Movement Thu, 26 May 2022 02:14:13 +0000 Fight Back 9709 at Appleton, WI: Family and supporters rally on the 5th anniversary of the police murder of Jimmie Sanders <p>Appleton, WI – On Saturday, May 21, the family of Jimmie Sanders – a man murdered by Appleton police in May 2017 - alongside Fox Valley Food Not Bombs, Appleton SDS, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and United Action Oshkosh organized a rally and march to bring attention to the case, and to crowdfund for the Jimmie Sanders legal team.</p> <p>Sanders, an African American man, was fatally shot by Lieutenant Jay Steinke of the Appleton Police Department at Jack's Apple Pub on May 21, 2017. Steinke was responding to the bar for a report of a shot fired inside. Henry Nellum, a 36-year-old from Milwaukee, was convicted of firing that shot during a fight with another man. When Steinke arrived, he shot Nellum, hitting him in the arm, but also shot and killed Sanders, an innocent bystander who wasn't involved in the incident.</p> <p>Steinke, who retired in 2019, wasn't charged for the murder of Sanders. In fact, a 13-day investigation by Green Bay police led then-Outagamie County District Attorney Carrie Schneider to determine that Steinke "acted appropriately given the threat." Nellum was later convicted for his “role in the shooting death of Jimmie Sanders” and is currently serving 16.5 years in prison despite not being the one responsible for his murder. </p> <p>Speakers at the rally decried police repression and emphasized the necessity to implement civilian police accountability councils across the country. Terrence Freeman, the chair of Appleton SDS and a member of FRSO, stated, “The police do not exist to protect and serve us. Their purpose is to repress, brutalize and exploit the Black and brown working class. Their purpose is to maintain the white supremacist status quo.” </p> <p>Freeman continued, “Look at our communities! They are the most heavily policed areas in this country. Look at the statistics – Black people are disproportionately killed by the police every year. And just analyze our history; it is a fact that the police in America evolved from slave patrols. Slave patrols.”</p> <p>To conclude his speech, Freeman advocated for CPACs (Civilian Police Accountability Councils): “CPACs will ensure that law enforcement is ruled by us - the people - not by some racist police board. We must control the police and ensure that they can no longer control and brutalize us. We want genuine change now!”</p> <p>After Freeman’s speech, the protesters marched to the Appleton police station chanting for justice for Sanders.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Brutalidad Policial Appleton SDS Jimmie Sanders Sistema de injusticia Thu, 26 May 2022 01:33:38 +0000 Fight Back 9707 at Mental health workers at three Minneapolis hospitals strike for first contract <p>Minneapolis, MN - At 6 a.m. Tuesday, May 24, mental health workers at three Minneapolis area hospitals walked off the job and went on a one-day strike. All three groups of workers organized and formed unions with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota and Iowa (SEIU HCMN&amp;IA) since September of 2021. Now they are fighting for their first contracts. They decided to do a joint one-day strike to show management that they are serious and united and will fight to win real improvements in their first union contract.</p> <p>Strike lines were up at three hospitals including Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Unity Hospital, which are part of the Allina Health system, and Fairview Riverside, which is part of the M Health Fairview system. The largest of the three groups are around 350 psych associates and psych aides at Fairview Riverside. At Abbott Northwestern and Unity Hospitals the groups involved included around 120 mental health coordinators. Picket lines were up at all three hospitals from 6 to 11 a.m.</p> <p>Then at noon the SEIU HCMN&amp;IA members from all three locations converged on Fairview Riverside where they picketed together and held a rally along with holding a barbeque to music played by one of the workers who is a DJ. The event was lively and energetic with loud chanting and high spirits all around.</p> <p>According to Brian Mcintosh, who is one of the striking Fairview Riverside psych techs, some of the union members’ demands include raises. Mcintosh says that there are people working there who have been there for over 20 years who have not gotten over $25 an hour but now they are having to train new people who are getting paid around that rate without the long-term workers getting raises for their longevity. He said that they would like better employee retention. He said they want a pension, a good wage and a better chance to support their families after everything they have to deal with at work.</p> <p>Mcintosh was one of the first workers to start talking to his coworkers about forming a union. He said that the union drive started in the basement of his (now deceased) friend’s house. After a series of particularly horrible shifts, they decided it was finally time to do something about it so they started looking at unions to join and decided that SEIU HCMN&amp;IA was the right fit for them.</p> <p>SEIU HCMN&amp;IA already represented over 1000 workers in the M Health Fairview System with many of those workers located at Fairview Riverside. They started meeting with organizers at the Global Market in Minneapolis and talked to their coworkers, built an organizing committee and eventually got more than 65% of their coworkers to sign cards, filed for a union election and won overwhelmingly. Then they began negotiating their first contract.</p> <p>After months of bargaining without management listening, they decided to go on this one-day strike to show management that they are serious. Before the strike, the workers held a series of actions including a march on the boss as well as delivering a cake decorated with a petition printed on the cake in frosting with the signatures of their coworkers demanding a good contract. When those things weren’t enough, they took a strike vote and walked off the job.</p> <p>Mcintosh said, “There’s many reasons why we are on strike today. Let’s start with health and safety. We just had some testimonies of one of our staff members having some cracked ribs from work and they had to use their PTO when they were out with the cracked ribs because they are in between two patients. We had another story where a staff member was fighting her husband in the middle of the night in her sleep because of PTSD from patients attacking her. We have one of the most assaulted jobs in America, per state records.”</p> <p>Mcintosh continued, “All we are asking for is simple health and safety to get better and for us to have an economic chance to fill our gas tanks and our refrigerators and come to work.” He went on to say, “We’ve got to keep on fighting until we get what we want! If we don’t get what we want we are going to shut it down just like we did today. That’s our message to them, that’s our message to us, and we aren’t going to get anything unless we work hard and fight for it.”</p> <p>The mental health workers at all three hospitals say they plan to go forward and continue bargaining and keep building up their fight from here until they win what they deserve.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo SEIU SEIU Healthcare Minnesota strike Strikes Obreros Wed, 25 May 2022 20:41:12 +0000 Fight Back 9706 at El despido de un querido maestro provoca indignación y protestas en Denver <p>Denver, CO - En jueves, el 19 de mayo se reunió una reunión de la Junta Directiva de las Escuelas Públicas de Denver con protestas de estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad que se indignaron por el reciente despido del querido profesor de inglés Chicano Tim Hernández.</p> <p>Esa misma mañana, cientos de esos mismos estudiantes habían realizado su segunda huelga en una semana para protestar por el despido del Sr. Hernández. Ahora están llevando su lucha directamente a la junta escolar con claras exigencias: Restituir al Sr. Hernández como maestro, contratar a más chicanos y maestros de nacionalidades oprimidas, e implementar medidas para proteger a esos maestros del tipo de represión que actualmente enfrenta el Sr. Hernández.</p> <p>A principios de mayo se anunció que el Sr. Hernández, el único maestro chicano en el departamento de inglés de la North High School de Denver, no tendría permiso para regresar el próximo año y sería puesto en licencia administrativa por el resto de este año. El cuerpo estudiantil en North High School es 67% Chicano.</p> <p>Si bien la administración afirma que esto se debe a una mala entrevista, el Sr. Hernández y sus simpatizantes creen que esta medida es una represalia por su reiterada impugnación de la administración sobre “cuestiones de equidad y antirracismo”.</p> <p>Expresaron confusión en cuanto a por qué se le exigía entrevistar para un trabajo que ya tenía y había demostrado gran aptitud para ello. El director de North, Scott Wolf, que actualmente se encuentra en su último año como administrador en la escuela, dice que estos procesos de entrevista son “equitativos” y “iguales para todos los candidatos”. Sin embargo, maestros blancos como Elizabeth Campbell afirmaron en su comentario público a la junta directiva de DPS que nunca se les requirió pasar por un proceso de este tipo. “Los administradores han mentido a los estudiantes y al personal acerca de sus derechos”, dijo Campbell. Otro ex maestro, Michael Diaz-Rivera, dijo en su comentario “la supresión de poderosas voces negras por parte de este distrito no es nada nuevo”.</p> <p>Los manifestantes se enfrentaron a una gran represión para que sus voces fueran escuchadas en la supuestamente abierta reunión de la junta pública. Los esfuerzos coordinados de la seguridad armada, la policía y la administración de DPS para negar la entrada a la reunión sobre afirmaciones falsas de estar más allá de su capacidad tuvieron éxito en impedir que varios miembros de la comunidad, la prensa, e incluso el mismo Tim Hernández entraran a la reunión en persona.</p> <p>A pesar de este intento flagrante de prohibir al público y a la prensa, el comentario público, que estaba estrictamente limitado a 3 minutos por persona, duró varias horas. Durante la mayor parte de la noche, Hernández estaba en la acera caliente frente al edificio Emily Griffith donde ocurría la reunión. Durante la mayor parte de la noche, Hernández estaba en la acera caliente frente al edificio Emily Griffith donde se celebraba la reunión. Se acurrucó alrededor de un teléfono con amigos, abogados y su representación sindical para escuchar la reunión en Zoom bajo el ojo vigilante del oficial de policía de Denver a sólo unos metros de distancia.</p> <p>Cuando se le preguntó por qué a Hernández y a varios otros miembros del público y la prensa se les había negado la entrada a una reunión de la junta pública, el Director Ejecutivo de Comunicaciones de DPS, Will Jones, sólo tenía esto que decir: “Era una decisión administrativa tomada por las Escuelas Públicas de Denver”.</p> <p>Las declaraciones de los estudiantes parecían ser las más impactantes. Uno de esos estudiantes le dijo a la junta que “el único lugar seguro que tenía era con el Sr. Hernández”. Pasó a decir, “Todavía tenemos mucho más que hacer y estaré allí para todo porque el Sr. Hernández es mi comunidad y el Sr. Hernández es North”.</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Chican@s y Latin@s Tim Hernandez Wed, 25 May 2022 20:36:47 +0000 Fight Back 9705 at Entrevista con el maestro chicano injustamente despedido Tim Hernández por Ryan Stitzel <p><em>¡Lucha y Resiste! entrevista a Tim Hernández, un maestro chicano en Denver que fue recientemente despedido de su puesto en North High School alegando que es “divisivo”. Los estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad dicen que Hernández fue despedido porque no tiene miedo de tomar una posición para sus estudiantes y su comunidad. La entrevista tuvo lugar fuera de una reunión de la Junta de Educación de las Escuelas Públicas de Denver, donde los partidarios de Hernández se reunieron para exigir su reincorporación. Hernández, sin embargo, fue prohibido entrar en la reunión.</em></p> <p><em><strong>¡Lucha y Resiste!:</strong></em> ¿Por qué está aquí presente el día de hoy?</p> <p><strong>Tim Hernández: </strong>Estoy aquí para hablar durante los comentarios públicos en una reunión pública del bordo en el distrito en que trabajo. Para hablar en apoyo de retener a los maestros de color, y más específicamente, para hablar de la represión del distrito de maestros de color que expresan su opinion.</p> <p><em><strong>¡Lucha y Resiste!:</strong></em> ¿Cómo le ha impactado esta situación a usted y a su escuela y comunidad?</p> <p><strong>Hernández: </strong>Nos ha destrozado. Creo que estamos viviendo con mucho dolor en este momento. Vivimos con un dolor que no elegimos, que no nos impusimos.</p> <p><em><strong>¡Lucha y Resiste!: </strong></em>¿Qué tipo de cambios deben hacerse en Denver North High School y DPS en general para evitar que lo que le está sucediendo a usted le suceda a otros maestros de color en la comunidad local?</p> <p><strong>Hernández: </strong>En primer lugar, necesitamos tener datos. No tenemos ningún sistema de datos diseñado para rastrear específicamente a los maestros de color y nuestra retención. En segundo lugar, debemos asegurarnos de que tenemos sistemas de apoyo activos, listos y disponibles para que los profesores de color puedan informar sobre situaciones como esta. Estoy utilizando sistemas que las mujeres blancas usan para informar cuando se sienten incómodas porque un hombre dijo un comentario torta que les fue misoginista. Estoy usando el mismo para informar que todo mi distrito está enviando comunicaciones etiquetándome como "divisivo" y usando tácticas represivas.</p> <p>Después de la entrevista, y después de la presión de los miembros del público para permitir que Tim Hernández hablara, el Consejo de Educación de DPS le permitió hacer comentarios públicos remotamente en Zoom. El Sr. Hernández se dirigió a la Junta con la siguiente declaración:</p> <p>“Buenas tardes y buenas noches Escuelas Públicas de Denver. Les hablo desde su lobby, porque no me permitieron llegar a la sala donde está ocurriendo una reunión pública. Soy contribuyente y constituyente Soy maestro en este distrito Mis estudiantes están siete pisos por encima de mí. No me permitieron a discreción de las decisiones administrativas que no son aplicables a mi situación. ¡Esto es represión gubernamental! ¡Esto es un abuso de poder! Lo que está sucediendo a nuestros maestros de color es absolutamente represivo.</p> <p>“Sé que saben quién soy. ¡Estoy aquí! Estoy feliz de conocerme; estoy feliz de discutir con cualquier persona que forme parte de la Junta de Educación, cualquier administrador que desee hablar sobre mi decisión. Pero lo que estoy aquí para hablarle hoy no es solo yo. Estoy aquí para hablar de nuestros maestros negros. Estoy aquí para hablar de nuestros maestros indígenas, nuestros maestros asiáticos, nuestros maestros de color de BIPOC que están siendo ejecados de este distrito, sí, ¡que se quedan fuera de este distrito a tasas desproporcionadas porque el distrito se niega a retenerlos! Entiendo que podemos entrar en conversaciones semánticas acerca de lo que ustedes sienten qué es un contrato asociado, lo que es un contrato tradicional y mamadas burocráticas de que el distrito quiere estar pesado. Seamos muy claros acerca de algunas cosas: Nuestro distrito tiene 53% estudiantes Latinx. Los maestros latinos constituyen el 17% de los maestros. Mi escuela, North High School, la escuela de la que crecí a dos cuadras, es 67% estudiantes Latinx. Soy el único maestro chicano dentro del departamento de inglés.</p> <p>“Lo que está sucediendo en mi situación no es una anomalía como Cesar Cedillo [Jefe de Escuelas de DPS] quisiera reclamar. La semana pasada, nuestro distrito armonizó un sistema que se comunica a más de 90.000 para minimizar, desacreditar y deslegitimar a nuestros estudiantes de color, quienes, en este distrito, en caso de que no escucharan, marcharon de las escuelas, cientos de ellos, en calles cubiertas por oficiales de policía. ¡A medida que nuestros estudiantes salieron hoy, fueron seguidos por un helicóptero de policía! ¿Me están diciendo que nuestro distrito tiene suficiente dinero para financiar a los oficiales de policía, pero no tenemos suficiente dinero para dar una habitación ahora mismo para una sala de desbordamiento para todas estas personas esperando para ir arriba? ¿Me están diciendo que nuestro distrito tiene millones de dólares para un departamento de equidad y un montón de personas dedicadas a la equidad? Mi salario es de $45,000. ¡Mi equidad, antirracismo y competencia cultural que coinciden con mis estudiantes es gratis!</p> <p>“¿Dónde está el distrito en cuestiones de supervisión y abusos de poder por parte de la administración? La semana pasada, un correo electrónico fue enviado a todo mi personal de 160 personas que me vililizaron, que etiquetó a cualquiera que me apoyó como divisivo. ¿Divisivo para qué? Por hablar sobre las maneras en que los estudiantes de color sienten en nuestra escuela. ¡Por hablar sobre lo que están haciendo con nuestros maestros morenos y negros y por negarse a estar callados! ¡No estaré tranquilo! ¡Nuestros estudiantes no estarán tranquilos!”</p> Las Luchas del Pueblo Chican@s y Latin@s Tim Hernandez Wed, 25 May 2022 18:48:45 +0000 Fight Back 9704 at