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staff | St. Paul, MN | 1/05/08
Organizers of the massive anti-war demonstration planned for the opening day of the Republican National Convention have won an important victory - permits...
Mick Kelly | St. Paul, MN | 12/27/07
Representatives from the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War meet with the Mayor Coleman, the City Attorney, and other Saint Paul city...
Jess Sundin | United States | 12/23/07
March on the RNC organizer responds to December 7 article on MinnPost.com entitled, "Unlikely as it might seem, St. Paul's top security cop is...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | Iran | 12/19/07
The Bush administration is still threatening Iran, and a wider war in the Middle East.
Campaign to Free Ahmad Sa'adat | Palestine | 11/25/07
The Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa'adat, appeared today, 18/11/2007, in the military court in...
Kosta Harlan | Smithfield, NC | 11/04/07
Around 250 demonstrators rallied here, Oct. 27, to protest the war in Iraq and demand an end to the ‘torture taxi service’ run by Aero Contractors out of...
Brad Sigal | New York, NY | 11/02/07
Despite lots of rain, organizers reported that tens of thousands of people marched here, Oct. 27, against the war on Iraq.
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine | Palestine | 10/13/07
The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warns against the attempts to normalize the relationship with the Zionist entity under false slogans and...
Michael Graham | Washington, D.C. | 10/08/07
Thousands of people from across the United States marched here, Sept. 29 against the war in Iraq and the pro-war policies of Congress.
Hatem Abudayyeh | Palestine | 10/03/07
The Palestinian National Football (soccer) Team functions, or barely functions, under more difficult conditions than any other team in the world. Players...