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Kosta Harlan | Afghanistan | 2/01/09
2009 started off poorly for U.S. and NATO forces occupying Afghanistan.
Kosta Harlan | Wardak Province, Afghanistan | 12/14/08
Another massacre by occupation forces in Afghanistan unfolded on Dec. 12 in the central province of Wardak.
staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/16/08
Over 200 people joined a anti-war protest here Oct. 11.
Tom Burke | | 8/30/08
The revolution in Nepal took another step forward with the election of Pushpa "Prachanda" Dahal voted in as the first Prime Minister on August...
Brian Chorley | | 8/24/08
The Georgian government launched an all out attack on South Ossetia, Aug. 8, to annex the region by force.
staff | | 6/13/08
On June 11, King Gyanendra left Nepal's royal palace for the last time. He was forced out of power by a powerful revolutionary movement.
staff | Philippines | 6/10/08
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement on the attempts to criminalize Professor Jose Maria Sison, a leading figure in the struggle...
staff | Philippines | 5/09/08
May 2008 Philippines: Crispin "Ka Bel" Beltran, a working class hero passes away Fight Back News Service is circulating the following...
staff | United States | 5/05/08
15,000 Chinese and other supporters of the Beijing Olympics rallied in New York, May 4. 300 also gathered in Chicago, one week after 500 rallied here.
Beijing, Olympics
Josh Sykes | | 4/28/08
A new day had dawned in Nepal.