Sunday October 17, 2021
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Dozthor Zurlent | Venezuela | 11/23/20
In spite of its decline as the superpower of the world, the United States continues to be the major imperial power of the planet. It is inevitable then,...
Donald Trump
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | Palestine | 11/18/20
Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) demands Israel immediately release Khitam Saafin, the president of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees...
staff | Venezuela | 11/13/20
Members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization answered the call from the Partido Socialista Unido Venezloano (PSUV) to participate in a virtual...
frso, PSUV
Communist Party of the Philippines | Philippines | 11/08/20
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Nov. 8 statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).
staff | Philippines | 11/05/20
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) has mobilized all its forces in the Bicol and Southern Tagalog provinces where supertyphoon Rolly slammed...
staff | Miami, FL | 11/01/20
A caravan of some 60 cars and 15 bicycles made up a caravan against the Cuba blockade, October 25 in Miami.
Fronte Popolare | Italy | 10/31/20
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from Italian Marxist- Leninist organization Fronte Popolare.
Sean Orr | Chicago, IL | 10/23/20
How did a dictatorship that enjoyed the total support of the United States and its allies allow itself to be voted out of government, not even a year...
Bolivia, MAS
staff | Venezuela | 10/12/20
Fight Back! is circulating the following statement by Nicolas Maduro Moros, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Freedom Road Socialist...
staff | Philippines | 10/06/20
One of the masterminds of the brutal Lianga Massacre of 2015 was killed October 4 in an ambush by the Communist-led New People's Army (NPA) in...