Sunday January 29, 2023
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In-Justice System

staff | Austin, TX | 3/11/21
Protesters gathered in front of the Capitol building to listen to speeches in solidarity with Minneapolis on March 8, the first day of Derek Chauvin’s...
staff | Tampa, FL | 3/11/21
On March 8, 40 protesters gathered in downtown Tampa to demand the conviction of Derek Chauvin. The protest was cohosted by Tampa Bay Students for a...
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 3/10/21
On March 8, Centro CSO and supporters joined the National Alliance Against Racist Political Repression (NAARPR) for a national day of action.
Case R. | New Orleans, LA | 3/10/21
On March 8, killer cops Derek Chauvin and Michael Mattioli’s original trial date, the New Orleans Freedom Road Socialist Organization hosted a socially...
Staff | Chicago, IL | 3/09/21
Hundreds marched in Chicago to demand Justice for George Floyd, March 8, as part of a national day of solidarity with Minneapolis on the opening day of...
staff | Milwaukee, WI | 3/09/21
100 people gathered in the early afternoon, March 8, at the Milwaukee County Safety Building to demand justice for Joel Acevedo, a 25-year-old Puerto...
Hans Heintze | Portland, OR | 3/09/21
At least 50 protesters marched to demand justice for George Floyd, March 8.
Tom Burke | Grand Rapids, MI | 3/09/21
100 people joined the Justice for George Floyd rally on March 8 at Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids, the largest turnout since winter began.
Darcy Chortkoff | Salt Lake City, UT | 3/09/21
On March 6, more than 30 cars gathered in a parking lot in downtown Salt Lake City, where activists, organizers and community members demanded justice in...
Linden Gawboy | Minneapolis, MN | 3/08/21
More than 1000 protested March 8 outside the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis as the trial of Derek Chauvin, the disgraced ex-...