Monday May 29, 2023
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BY staff | Grand Rapids, MI | 5/04/22
West Michigan labor unions, politicians and socialist groups rallied and marched for International Workers Day on May 1 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
BY staff | New Orleans, LA | 5/03/22
ommunity members gathered with activist and immigrant rights organizations at the Benito Juarez monument in New Orleans on May 1, to celebrate International Workers Day.
BY Gia Davila | Tampa, FL | 5/02/22
Tampa residents gathered outside of city hall to celebrate International Workers Day.
BY Delilah Pierre | Tallahassee, FL | 4/28/22
On March 22, Florida State University’s Graduate Assistants United (GAU) marched to Wescott and demanded FSU change their policies around COVID-19.
BY staff | New Orleans, LA | 4/27/22
On Tuesday, April 19, baristas at the Starbucks café on Maple Street filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board for a union election. Fight Back! interviewed Billie, a shift supervisor and organizer of the union drive.
BY Staff | United States | 4/23/22
Freedom Road Socialist Organization calls on working people across the U.S. to celebrate International Workers Day in marches and programs.
BY Andrew Keith | Los Angeles, CA | 4/23/22
On May 1, Centro CSO is holding its 7th annual International Workers Day march and rally in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.
BY staff | Appleton, WI | 4/13/22
On April 8, Starbucks workers in Appleton, Wisconsin filed officially for union representation.
BY staff | New York, NY | 4/07/22
On April 1 workers at the Amazon warehouse JFK8 in Staten Island New York voted to join the newly formed Amazon Labor Union (ALU).
BY Eric Struch | Chicago, IL | 4/07/22
One of the problems CTA bus operators have to deal with is the lack of acceptable bathroom facilities at terminals - operators are forced to use literal port-a-john, even in sub-zero temperatures.
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