Tuesday July 5, 2022
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5/09/22 MN says: No proxy war over Ukraine Minneapolis, MN
1/23/22 More signs of economic weakness showing up San José, CA
1/23/22 More signs of economic weakness showing up San José, CA
5/03/22 New Orleans marchers call for worker and immigrant rights on May Day New Orleans, LA
5/07/22 New Orleans protests leaked Roe v. Wade decision New Orleans, LA
3/18/22 New Orleans trans and workers organizations demonstrate for International Women’s Day New Orleans
3/16/22 New York community group blasts NYPD’s treatment of women New York, NY
2/10/22 New York rallies for Amir Locke and Isaiah Williams New York, NY
2/28/22 New Yorkers hold speak out against Mayor Adams’ gun plan New York, NY
1/31/22 New Yorkers protest Mayor Adams and Act 60 New York, NY
2/08/22 New Yorkers say ‘No war with Russia’ New York, NY
5/22/22 Newly-organized mental health workers at 3 Minneapolis hospitals set to strike Tuesday Minneapolis, MN
6/26/22 No safe water, no fans. Wisconsin Teamsters struggle heats up Elm Grove, WI
3/01/22 No to NATO Miami, FL
2/15/22 No U.S. war with Russia, end U.S. intervention in Ukraine United States
6/27/22 NYC protests for abortion rights New York, NY
4/13/22 One-year anniversary: 911 call to save Los Angeles Chicano man results in death Los Angeles, CA
5/15/22 Orlando, FL: Palestinians protest the 74th year of the ongoing Nakba Orlando, Fl
6/29/22 Over 1000 march in Jacksonville in defense of reproductive rights Jacksonville, FL
5/29/22 Palestine solidarity activists slam Minnesota agency over divestment opportunism St. Paul, MN
1/29/22 Philippines: Condemn cold-blooded murder of NDFP Peace Consultant Pedro Codaste Philippines
1/04/22 Philippines: Denounce gross lack of preparations for new pandemic surge Philippines
5/16/22 Philippines: Duterte and Marcos are stealing the elections Phillippines
6/29/22 Philippines: Fight the Marcos Firewall! Philippines
4/25/22 Philippines: Greater strength and bigger victories for the NDFP! Philippines