Monday September 26, 2022
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8/07/22 New Yorkers stand in solidarity with activists raided by FBI New York, NY
2/10/22 New York rallies for Amir Locke and Isaiah Williams New York, NY
6/27/22 NYC protests for abortion rights New York, NY
2/08/22 New Yorkers say ‘No war with Russia’ New York, NY
7/25/22 NYC protest blasts Philippines President Marcos New York, NY
8/10/22 New York City protests for Gaza New York, NY
7/21/22 New Yorkers join the protests against Luma Energy New York, NY
7/05/22 NYC: Reclaim Pride marches for LGBTQ liberation and reproductive justice New York, NY
9/22/22 Philippines President Marcos Jr: ‘Not welcome’ at UN New York City, NY
5/09/22 Protest in New Orleans demands non-enforcement of abortion bans New Orleans, LA
7/13/22 New Orleans protesters march to mayor’s house to protect abortion rights New Orleans, LA
6/28/22 Four thousand march in New Orleans against abortion ban New Orleans, LA
7/14/22 New Orleans for Community Oversight of Police confronts mayor at town hall New Orleans, LA
2/08/22 United protest in New Orleans against US, NATO war on Russia New Orleans, LA
4/27/22 Interview with Starbucks union organizer in New Orleans New Orleans, LA
3/27/22 In New Orleans hundreds unite to march against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation New Orleans, LA
5/07/22 New Orleans protests leaked Roe v. Wade decision New Orleans, LA
3/02/22 Transgender rights: China advances while U.S. backslides New Orleans, LA
8/29/22 New Orleans protest demands hurricane relief for all immigrants, defends DACA New Orleans, LA
7/14/22 New Orleans places demand for protection from the Louisiana State Police on mayor’s doors New Orleans, LA
6/29/22 Louisiana: Rally in solidarity with youth incarcerated at Bridge City Center New Orleans, LA
5/03/22 New Orleans marchers call for worker and immigrant rights on May Day New Orleans, LA
7/24/22 Statement on New Orleans mayor’s response to abortion rights movement New Orleans, LA
3/18/22 New Orleans trans and workers organizations demonstrate for International Women’s Day New Orleans
2/19/22 Students march for justice for Amir Locke, demand community control of the police Minnesota