Sunday April 2, 2023
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7/03/22 San José rallies and marches for reproductive rights San Jose, CA
2/09/22 San José protests against U.S. war on Russia San Jose, CA
5/05/22 San Jose community marches on May Day San José, CA
8/25/22 Saint Paul rallies to demand Minnesota divest from Israel Saint Paul, MN
5/09/22 Rome: World Federation of Trade Unions 18th Congress underway Rome, Italy
11/07/22 Rising unemployment, high inflation, rising interest rates and threats of austerity San José, CA
1/16/22 Retail sales drop in December San José, CA
7/25/22 Resolution in Support of the Palestinian Struggle for Self-Determination, Liberation, and Return United States
9/02/22 Reproductive justice activists protest outside anti-choice Milwaukee County Board Supervisor home Milwaukee, WI
8/22/22 Reproductive Justice Action - Milwaukee holds picket outside county supervisor’s home Milwaukee, WI
6/07/22 Renters also facing sticker shock San José, CA
1/13/22 Reflections on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Soviet socialist project United States
10/31/22 Red Theory: What is socialism? United States
9/18/22 Red Theory: What is neo-colonialism? United States
7/31/22 Red Theory: What is a commodity? United States
10/16/22 Red Theory: The united front against monopoly capitalism United States
11/07/22 Red Theory: The socialist transformation of the superstructure United States
5/22/22 Red theory: The role of the forces of production United States
5/15/22 Red Theory: The role of labor in the development of human society United States
7/10/22 Red Theory: The revolutionary significance of Marx’s critique of capitalism United States
5/31/22 Red Theory: The relations of production United States
9/25/22 Red Theory: The party of a new type United States
9/11/22 Red Theory: The National Question in the era of imperialism United States
10/02/22 Red Theory: The Leninist theory of the state United States
4/24/22 Red theory: The leap from quantity to quality United States