Friday December 9, 2022
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11/25/22 Freedom Road Socialist Organization mourns the passing of Jean Pestieau, of the Workers Party of Belgium United States
7/23/22 FRSO condemns State Department designation of Communist Party of the Philippines as ‘terrorist’ United States
5/15/22 FRSO leader condemns white supremacist murders in Buffalo, NY United States
2/15/22 FRSO members meeting set for Feb. 17 Grand Rapids, MI
6/27/22 FRSO Membership Online Meeting: Mon, June 27 United States
6/13/22 FRSO Summer Fund Drive: Help us keep up our party-building momentum! United States
7/01/22 FRSO to host online studies of Fight Back! News Red Theory articles United States
7/05/22 FRSO: Resolution Against the U.S./NATO-Provoked War in Ukraine United States
10/23/22 FSU students demand ‘Kirk off campus!’ Tallahassee, FL
7/26/22 FSU students fight for farmworker rights Tallahassee, FL
7/15/22 FSU Students for a Democratic Society condemns Patriot Front organizing in South Florida Florida
4/03/22 General strike in India India
10/24/22 Grand Rapids activists join global protest against U.S. endless wars Grand Rapids, MI
4/10/22 Grand Rapids cop executes youth from Congo Grand Rapids, MI
6/12/22 Grand Rapids cop gets second-degree murder charge for the killing of Patrick Lyoya Grand Rapids, MI
11/30/22 Grand Rapids holds solidarity rally for Palestine Day Grand Rapids, MI
6/25/22 Grand Rapids MI protests U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade reversal Grand Rapids, MI
3/10/22 Grand Rapids, MI: FRSO rallies for reproductive rights on International Women’s Day Grand Rapids, MI
9/14/22 Greece: All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) Solidarity with the Nurses’ Strike in Minnesota and Wisconsin Greece
6/02/22 Greece: Communist Party of Greece blocks NATO convoy Greece
3/16/22 Healthcare workers at Minnesota Epilepsy Group begin 5-day strike Minneapolis, MN
1/24/22 Hennepin County AFSCME members picket in leadup to strike Minneapolis, MN
8/21/22 Homegrown delivery workers take one-day strike action against invasive surveillance cameras Seattle, WA
7/01/22 Hope for Colombia: An interview with James Jordan about the election of Petro Colombia
5/17/22 How frame-ups work: The Antony Gay trial Peoria, IL