Sunday April 2, 2023
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9/13/22 Strikes are brewing in Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL
3/22/22 Steelworkers Local 5 votes down Chevron’s ‘last, best and final’ offer, prepares for unfair labor practice strike San Francisco, CA
4/07/22 Staten Island Amazon workers vote ‘union yes’ New York, NY
7/24/22 Statement on New Orleans mayor’s response to abortion rights movement New Orleans, LA
9/16/22 Statement condemning the OHCHR’s ‘Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China’ United States
8/04/22 Statement condemning Nancy Pelosi’s reckless visit to China’s Taiwan United States
8/01/22 Starbucks workers on strike in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/18/22 Starbucks workers in Colorado Springs file for unionization Colorado Springs
7/29/22 St. Paul protest marks Kalamazoo oil spill, opposes Line 3 Saint Paul, MN
5/22/22 St. Paul protest demands shut down of Line 3 Saint Paul, MN
10/23/22 Southern California Teamsters in solidarity with Amazon walkout San Bernardino, CA
3/07/22 South Florida activists rally against war, NATO Hollywood, FL
12/19/22 Some in the shadow, some in the sun: A roundup of the semi-finals of the soccer World Cup Dallas, TX
3/30/22 Sol Marquez of FRSO speaks out on International Women’s Day Los Angeles, CA
10/29/22 Second International League of Peoples’ Struggle U.S. Assembly a great success Seattle, WA
9/25/22 Seattle teachers vote to ratify new contract Seattle, WA
11/27/22 Seattle students hold banner drop in protest of national ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Seattle, WA
3/02/22 Seattle says ‘No’ to war with Russia! Seattle, WA
12/03/22 SDS stands with railroad workers United States
7/11/22 SCOTUS decision on the EPA: Time to fight for climate justice in the streets! Minneapolis, MN
10/17/22 Scabby the rat tours U of MN campus, Teamsters ready to strike Minneapolis, MN
10/29/22 Save DACA, demand legalization for all United States
6/19/22 Sarah Nelson and Joe Burns speak at Labor Notes conference in Chicago Chicago, IL
5/19/22 San José State students rally for reproductive rights San José, CA
8/29/22 San José reacts to Supreme Court threat to overturn DACA San Jose, CA