Tuesday June 6, 2023
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11/30/22 Biden: Hands off rail workers and their right to strike! United States
2/05/22 Baltimore: Protest demands: ‘No U.S., NATO war on Russia and Donbass’ Baltimore
9/17/22 Austin students rally in defense of abortion rights Austin, TX
5/07/22 Austin protests to keep abortion legal Austin, TX
4/18/22 Arlington, TX: Students say no to harassers in student government Arlington, TX
4/05/22 Arlington, TX: Students demand Turning Point USA bigots get out of student government Arlington, TX
4/10/22 Arlington, TX: Second Turning Point USA bigot forced out of student government Arlington, TX
4/06/22 Arlington, TX: Bigot removed from student government Arlington, TX
9/14/22 Arlington, TX students speak out for reproductive rights on campus Arlington, TX
4/13/22 Appleton: 3rd Starbucks store in Wisconsin files moves to unionize Appleton, WI
5/25/22 Appleton, WI: Students and community members rally in defense of reproductive rights Appleton, WI
4/18/22 Appleton, WI: SDS and FRSO rally in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle Appleton, WI
7/03/22 Appleton, WI: FRSO members and allies confront the mayor and condemn police response to protests Appleton, WI
5/25/22 Appleton, WI: Family and supporters rally on the 5th anniversary of the police murder of Jimmie Sanders Appleton, WI
5/06/22 Appleton, WI: 2nd annual May Day rally Appleton, WI
6/28/22 Appleton, WI: 150-plus take the streets to defend abortion rights Appleton, WI
7/07/22 Appleton WI: “Nothing to celebrate” July 4 rally demands non-enforcement of state’s anti-abortion law Appleton, WI
5/13/22 Anthony Gay: 97-year prison sentence for the theft of $1 Chicago, IL
12/27/22 Anger as Miami judge rules against freedom for Alex Saab Miami, FL
12/29/22 Among the first to lead this struggle: The legacy of Charlene Mitchell Chicago, IL
10/11/22 AFSCME UMN workers turn up the heat on university administration Minneapolis, MN
11/07/22 Advisor to late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speaks in 3 Wisconsin cities Milwaukee, WI
2/17/22 Activists arrested at FL state capitol for opposing abortion ban law Tallahassee
2/27/22 Activist explains why anti-war movement wants U.S. out of Ukraine Minneapolis, MN
11/16/22 Abortion rights win in Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan