Wednesday March 22, 2023
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12/16/22 Victory for public education: Dr. Rocio Rivas wins LA school board seat Los Angeles, CA
2/11/22 Los Angles: Check the Sheriff! Los Angeles, CA
11/06/22 Rally in support of DACA and ‘Legalization for All’ Los Angeles, CA
12/11/22 Chicanos rally to save DACA, demand ‘Legalization for all’ Los Angeles, A
11/25/22 Huge win! LA district attorney files charges on sheriff deputy for the murder of David Ordaz Jr. Los Angeles
7/10/22 Thousands of Portuguese workers rally against inflation and stagnant wages Lisbon, Portugal
2/05/22 UPS Teamsters fight against wage cuts Lansing, MI
10/01/22 Students for a Democratic Society to hold National Convention Kent, OH
10/23/22 Students for a Democratic Society 16th Annual Convention say, ‘Not another step back!’ Kent, OH
6/29/22 Over 1000 march in Jacksonville in defense of reproductive rights Jacksonville, FL
1/07/22 FL Gov. DeSantis spreads lies, Jax community members disrupt his press conference Jacksonville, FL
8/16/22 Jacksonville demands a Peoples Budget - money for housing and not police Jacksonville, FL
5/07/22 Thousands rally in Jacksonville for reproductive justice Jacksonville, FL
6/19/22 Pro-choice activists rally in Jackson, Mississippi, defend Roe Jackson, MS
4/03/22 General strike in India India
3/07/22 South Florida activists rally against war, NATO Hollywood, FL
6/02/22 Greece: Communist Party of Greece blocks NATO convoy Greece
9/14/22 Greece: All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) Solidarity with the Nurses’ Strike in Minnesota and Wisconsin Greece
11/16/22 Abortion rights win in Michigan Grand Rapids, Michigan
4/13/22 Protesters pack Grand Rapids commissioner meeting over death of Patrick Lyoya Grand Rapids, MI
4/10/22 Grand Rapids cop executes youth from Congo Grand Rapids, MI
4/13/22 Video released of Patrick Lyoya's brutal murder by Michigan police Grand Rapids, MI
5/04/22 West Michigan unions and immigrants rally for May 1, International Workers Day Grand Rapids, MI
6/12/22 Grand Rapids cop gets second-degree murder charge for the killing of Patrick Lyoya Grand Rapids, MI
5/13/22 Mexican president bails on Biden’s Summit of the Americas, Workers plan Summit of the Americas in Tijuana Grand Rapids, MI