Monday September 26, 2022
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2/09/22 Dallas rally protests US, NATO aggression against Russia Dallas, TX
9/11/22 Dallas fights for immigrant rights: ‘Biden, we are still here’ Dallas, TX
8/16/22 Dallas vigil for martyred Palestinians Dallas, TX
5/12/22 Dallas, TX: Filipinos protest fraud-ridden election wins of Marcos, Duterte Dallas, TX
3/08/22 Dallas rallies against war with Russia Dallas, Texas
8/28/22 Columbus teachers strike Columbus, OH
9/09/22 Columbus protests police killing of Donovan Lewis Columbus, OH
3/18/22 Starbucks workers in Colorado Springs file for unionization Colorado Springs
7/01/22 Hope for Colombia: An interview with James Jordan about the election of Petro Colombia
1/31/22 Texas A&M University students push for COVID safety measures College Station, TX
1/25/22 Rally for Palestine in downtown Dallas Civic Garden Park
1/07/22 Chicago teachers demand return to remote learning Chicago, IL
3/11/22 Chicago: International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
5/13/22 Anthony Gay: 97-year prison sentence for the theft of $1 Chicago, IL
6/24/22 UPS workers protest firing of Teamsters steward Chicago, IL
7/21/22 Chicago: ECPS Coalition demands immediate appointment of Commission for Public Safety Chicago, IL
5/23/22 Justice for Anthony Gay! Chicago, IL
9/02/22 ECPS Coalition urges Chicagoans to run for District Council elections Chicago, IL
1/27/22 Protest demands freedom for prisoners facing COVID outbreak Chicago, IL
6/04/22 Chicago: ChiArts part-time teaching artists vote to join CTU Chicago, IL
4/20/22 1000 rally, march: U.S. and Israel: Hands off Jerusalem! Chicago, IL
5/17/22 Fight Back! Radio features Black liberation leader Chicago, IL
4/15/22 2022 election in the Philippines: Repression and resistance Chicago, IL
8/12/22 Chicago’s movement to free wrongfully incarcerated gains traction as Foxx moves to exonerate 8 Chicago, IL
8/07/22 UPS Teamsters kick off 2023 contract fight with national week of action Chicago, IL