Friday February 3, 2023
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8/04/22 Colorado rallies for Jayland Walker, demands community control of police Denver, CO
8/04/22 Statement condemning Nancy Pelosi’s reckless visit to China’s Taiwan United States
8/05/22 Denounce Twitter censorship on Philippine revolutionary groups Philippines
8/06/22 LA Supervisors vote to place sheriff accountability measure on November 8 ballot Los Angeles, CA
8/06/22 Coalition announces intent to march on the RNC in 2024 Milwaukee, WI
8/07/22 New Yorkers stand in solidarity with activists raided by FBI New York, NY
8/07/22 Red Theory: Marxism and the Law of Value United States
8/07/22 UPS Teamsters kick off 2023 contract fight with national week of action Chicago, IL
8/07/22 Tallahassee activists and CPRB members discuss changes to board powers Tallahassee, FL
8/08/22 On Hiroshima anniversary, Minneapolis says no to nuclear war Minneapolis, MN
8/08/22 Tampa community protests for rent control amidst housing crisis Tampa, FL
8/09/22 Milwaukee Alliance holds march and vigil for Brieon Green Milwaukee, WI
8/10/22 New York City protests for Gaza New York, NY
8/12/22 Chicago’s movement to free wrongfully incarcerated gains traction as Foxx moves to exonerate 8 Chicago, IL
8/13/22 Minneapolis stands with Gaza in emergency protest Minneapolis, MN
8/13/22 Tallahassee Police Department trains with mass murderer Tallahassee, FL
8/14/22 Red Theory: Constant and variable capital United States
8/16/22 Dallas vigil for martyred Palestinians Dallas, TX
8/16/22 Jacksonville demands a Peoples Budget - money for housing and not police Jacksonville, FL
8/21/22 52nd commemorative event of the Chicano Moratorium to be held in Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
8/21/22 Red Theory: Surplus value, the secret of capitalist exploitation United States
8/21/22 Homegrown delivery workers take one-day strike action against invasive surveillance cameras Seattle, WA
8/22/22 Reproductive Justice Action - Milwaukee holds picket outside county supervisor’s home Milwaukee, WI
8/23/22 Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Day 22 for striking Ingredion workers Cedar Rapids, IA
8/25/22 TCAC condemns Tallahassee Police Department training with war criminal Eddie Gallagher Tallahassee, FL