Tuesday November 29, 2022
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4/16/22 Philippines: New Peoples Army units dispatched for rescue efforts following typhoon Agaton Philippines
7/21/22 Philippines: U.S. puts revolutionaries on list of “foreign terrorist organizations” Philippines
3/07/22 Philippines: Women and toiling people, rise up amid grave crises Philippines
6/16/22 Philippines: “Terrorist designation” of Ka Louie et al is outrageous Philippines
7/23/22 Planned Parenthood workers in 5 states unionize Minneapolis, MN
5/28/22 Planned Parenthood workers to hold union election in 5 states St. Paul, MN
6/15/22 Political prisoner Simón Trinidad successfully settles First Amendment lawsuit Washington DC
6/22/22 Poor People's Campaign protests at Capitol in DC Washington, DC
7/19/22 Portuguese people gather in solidarity with Cuban Revolution Porto, Portugal
6/11/22 Prepare for mass action to keep abortion legal! United States
6/24/22 Press conference for Andres Guardado, killed by LA Sheriff deputy Los Angeles, CA
6/12/22 Prices for workers rise by more than 9% San José, CA
6/26/22 Pro-abortion protests at U.S. Supreme Court Washington DC
6/19/22 Pro-choice activists rally in Jackson, Mississippi, defend Roe Jackson, MS
3/25/22 Protest against torture in Illinois prisons Chicago, IL
1/27/22 Protest demands freedom for prisoners facing COVID outbreak Chicago, IL
5/09/22 Protest in New Orleans demands non-enforcement of abortion bans New Orleans, LA
4/13/22 Protesters pack Grand Rapids commissioner meeting over death of Patrick Lyoya Grand Rapids, MI
10/12/22 Protesters rally at rapist New Orleans police officer’s arraignment New Orleans, LA
7/04/22 Protests after Akron police murder Jayland Walker Akron, OH
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
10/22/22 Purchasing power of workers down San José, CA
7/15/22 Purchasing power of workers’ wages take biggest tumble in 40 years San José, CA
7/28/22 Radioactive waste at Florida State University may be killing us Tallahassee, Florida