Wednesday March 22, 2023
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7/23/22 Planned Parenthood workers in 5 states unionize Minneapolis, MN
11/13/22 Twin Cities students demand fake abortion clinics off campus Minneapolis, MN
12/21/22 Minneapolis sends anti-war message for the holidays Minneapolis, MN
6/29/22 Minnesota: Remembering Marie Braun’s commitment to peace and justice Minneapolis, MN
3/15/22 Minneapolis teachers and support professionals strike enters week two Minneapolis, MN
9/29/22 MN Cuba car caravan presses for an end to the blockade on Cuba Minneapolis, MN
4/03/22 Minnesota: Labor union fights mass termination of unvaccinated workers Minneapolis, MN
8/02/22 MN shows solidarity with Cuba Minneapolis, MN
3/13/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers, support staff authorize strike Minneapolis, MN
2/13/22 Minnesota public defenders, support staff, taking strike vote Minneapolis, MN
6/27/22 Twin Cities takes to the streets to defend women’s and reproductive rights Minneapolis, MN
7/15/22 Minneapolis police murder Tekle Sundberg Minneapolis, MN
10/20/22 Minneapolis: Protest slams city demolition plans that will spread arsenic in community Minneapolis, MN
12/15/22 Book review: Jon Melrod’s Fighting Times a new class struggle classic Minneapolis, MN
6/26/22 Union demands respect and dignity for disciplined workers Minneapolis, MN
2/06/22 5000 in Minneapolis protest police murder of Black man in no-knock warrant Minneapolis, MN
1/21/22 WAMM still saying ‘No to war’ - 40th anniversary celebration Minneapolis, MN
10/12/22 Minneapolis: Campus rally demands more abortion access Minneapolis, MN
3/24/22 Minneapolis rallies on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion to say no to U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
3/19/22 Metro teachers show solidarity with striking Minneapolis educators Minneapolis, MN
5/25/22 Mental health workers at three Minneapolis hospitals strike for first contract Minneapolis, MN
11/13/22 Immigrant rights activists at budget hearing demand Minneapolis city council fund Municipal ID and support DACA Minneapolis, MN
10/28/22 Minneapolis protest says: ‘No U.S. intervention In Haiti’ Minneapolis, MN
10/06/22 Minnesota: Campus AFSCME workers to picket meeting of President Gabel and deans Minneapolis, MN
6/30/22 Minnesota groups join global anti-NATO protests during the June NATO Summit Minneapolis, MN