Sunday December 4, 2022
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10/25/22 Minneapolis protesters demand Senate pass bill to legalize immigrants with DACA Minneapolis, MN
2/13/22 Thousands of Minneapolis and St. Paul teachers march in lead-up to strike Minneapolis, MN
8/01/22 Starbucks workers on strike in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
1/28/22 Minnesota: Hennepin County blinks, makes better contract offer to AFSCME Minneapolis, MN
11/07/22 Minneapolis hosts Venezuelan activist Dozthor Zurlent for ‘Interview with a Chavista’ Minneapolis, MN
8/30/22 University of Minnesota Teamsters picket, march against poverty wages Minneapolis, MN
10/17/22 Scabby the rat tours U of MN campus, Teamsters ready to strike Minneapolis, MN
7/11/22 SCOTUS decision on the EPA: Time to fight for climate justice in the streets! Minneapolis, MN
10/11/22 AFSCME UMN workers turn up the heat on university administration Minneapolis, MN
3/24/22 Minneapolis rallies on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion to say no to U.S. wars Minneapolis, MN
3/06/22 Minnesota Workers United organizes support for upcoming teachers’ strike Minneapolis, MN
2/06/22 5000 in Minneapolis protest police murder of Black man in no-knock warrant Minneapolis, MN
8/13/22 Minneapolis stands with Gaza in emergency protest Minneapolis, MN
2/27/22 Activist explains why anti-war movement wants U.S. out of Ukraine Minneapolis, MN
5/25/22 Mental health workers at three Minneapolis hospitals strike for first contract Minneapolis, MN
11/05/22 Minnesota joins the world in demanding end to the blockade on Cuba Minnepaolis, MN
2/19/22 Students march for justice for Amir Locke, demand community control of the police Minnesota
3/18/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers and support staff resist intimidation, ready to strike Minnesota
3/18/22 Minnesota: Public defense lawyers and support staff resist intimidation, ready to strike Minnesota
3/18/22 New Orleans trans and workers organizations demonstrate for International Women’s Day New Orleans
7/13/22 New Orleans protesters march to mayor’s house to protect abortion rights New Orleans, LA
5/09/22 Protest in New Orleans demands non-enforcement of abortion bans New Orleans, LA
10/12/22 Protesters rally at rapist New Orleans police officer’s arraignment New Orleans, LA
6/28/22 Four thousand march in New Orleans against abortion ban New Orleans, LA
9/27/22 The Cuban people approve revolutionary Families Code New Orleans, LA