Friday June 9, 2023
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11/17/22 Texas: Students at UT Austin protest against ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Austin, TX
9/17/22 Austin students rally in defense of abortion rights Austin, TX
10/30/22 UT Austin students defend women’s and LGBTQ rights Austin, TX
2/02/22 Texas: UT-Austin students rally for abortion rights Austin, TX
2/25/22 Texas: UT-Austin students demand justice for Amir Locke Austin, TX
5/07/22 Austin protests to keep abortion legal Austin, TX
2/05/22 Baltimore: Protest demands: ‘No U.S., NATO war on Russia and Donbass’ Baltimore
5/03/22 LGBT+ Louisianans rally at legislators’ offices, staffers leave out back door Baton Rouge, LA
5/25/22 Trans rights protesters hold Louisiana capitol lobby, removed by security Baton Rouge, LA
5/05/22 The full story of how Louisianans defeated the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Baton Rouge, LA
12/08/22 University of California academic workers on strike say ‘No COLA, no contract!’ Berkeley, CA
11/01/22 In closely watched election, Lula defeats Bolsonaro to win Brazil presidency Brazil
7/12/22 Brooklyn speaks out for justice for Jayland Walker Brooklyn, NY
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
3/06/22 PSUV 5th Congress held in Venezuela: Resistance, Rebirth, Revolution! Caracas, Venezuela
3/13/22 Eyewitness report day 3 of the PSUV 5th Congress Caracas, Venezuela
3/07/22 Eyewitness report from Venezuela: Second day of PSUV Congress Caracas, Venezuela
8/23/22 Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Day 22 for striking Ingredion workers Cedar Rapids, IA
2/16/22 Bigger than bomb threats: The political violence of national oppression Charleston, NC
5/23/22 Justice for Anthony Gay! Chicago, IL
10/03/22 Chicago: Packed house welcomes first Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability meeting Chicago, IL
1/07/22 Chicago teachers demand return to remote learning Chicago, IL
9/04/22 Chicago: Election season begins for Police Accountability Councils Chicago, IL
3/25/22 Protest against torture in Illinois prisons Chicago, IL
6/04/22 Chicago: ChiArts part-time teaching artists vote to join CTU Chicago, IL