Wednesday March 22, 2023
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10/08/22 No cops in power: NYC to protest Mayor Adams New York City, New York
6/26/22 No safe water, no fans. Wisconsin Teamsters struggle heats up Elm Grove, WI
3/01/22 No to NATO Miami, FL
2/15/22 No U.S. war with Russia, end U.S. intervention in Ukraine United States
8/01/22 No, the economy is not in a recession (yet) San José, CA
10/23/22 November 2022 LA elections vote-guide Los Angeles, CA
7/21/22 Number of people collecting unemployment benefits jumps by 51,000 San Jose, CA
7/25/22 NYC protest blasts Philippines President Marcos New York, NY
6/27/22 NYC protests for abortion rights New York, NY
7/05/22 NYC: Reclaim Pride marches for LGBTQ liberation and reproductive justice New York, NY
8/08/22 On Hiroshima anniversary, Minneapolis says no to nuclear war Minneapolis, MN
10/26/22 One year celebration for Lucille Berrien Park in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
8/27/22 One-year anniversary car caravan for Earl Lawhorn held in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/13/22 One-year anniversary: 911 call to save Los Angeles Chicano man results in death Los Angeles, CA
11/11/22 Oneida, WI: Rally for indigenous children and in defense of the Indian Child Welfare Act Oneida, WI
11/07/22 Orange County Transportation Authority workers strike for healthcare Orange, CA
5/15/22 Orlando, FL: Palestinians protest the 74th year of the ongoing Nakba Orlando, Fl
11/12/22 Oslo is long dead. Time to revive the PLO United States
6/29/22 Over 1000 march in Jacksonville in defense of reproductive rights Jacksonville, FL
12/14/22 Padre José Landaverde: Presente! Chicago, IL
5/29/22 Palestine solidarity activists slam Minnesota agency over divestment opportunism St. Paul, MN
7/06/22 People’s Independence Day: Milwaukee takes to the streets to protest Supreme Court rulings Milwaukee, WI
9/22/22 Philippines President Marcos Jr: ‘Not welcome’ at UN New York City, NY
1/29/22 Philippines: Condemn cold-blooded murder of NDFP Peace Consultant Pedro Codaste Philippines
1/04/22 Philippines: Denounce gross lack of preparations for new pandemic surge Philippines