Wednesday March 22, 2023
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6/22/22 Poor People's Campaign protests at Capitol in DC Washington, DC
6/26/22 Pro-abortion protests at U.S. Supreme Court Washington DC
6/15/22 Political prisoner Simón Trinidad successfully settles First Amendment lawsuit Washington DC
12/03/22 Theory: Reproductive labor and the family United States
12/31/22 Fighting back and advancing the struggle in 2022 United States
6/12/22 Red Theory: The contradiction between town and country United States
5/15/22 FRSO leader condemns white supremacist murders in Buffalo, NY United States
12/26/22 A reading from Mao Zedong on his birthday: Combat Liberalism United States
6/11/22 Prepare for mass action to keep abortion legal! United States
4/03/22 Red theory: Dialectics or metaphysics, two methods of analysis United States
6/27/22 Red Theory: Marxism against pragmatism United States
11/30/22 Biden: Hands off rail workers and their right to strike! United States
5/01/22 Fight Back! has a podcast United States
7/30/22 Condemn the FBI raids in St Louis, MO and St Petersburg, FL! United States
8/28/22 Red Theory: Capitalist accumulation and overproduction United States
4/23/22 Celebrate International Workers Day, May 1, 2022 United States
5/31/22 Red Theory: The relations of production United States
12/11/22 Red Theory: The achievements of socialism in the Soviet Union United States
10/29/22 Save DACA, demand legalization for all United States
1/13/22 Reflections on the 30th anniversary of the end of the Soviet socialist project United States
5/05/22 May 5 is the birthday of Karl Marx, read some of his revolutionary words United States
1/14/22 Book: Marxist-Leninist Perspectives on Black Liberation and Socialism United States
11/19/22 2022 midterm results and the coming struggle United States
3/13/22 How we learn: Theory and Practice United States
7/03/22 Red Theory: Marxism against postmodernism United States