Sunday April 2, 2023
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7/08/22 Chicago demands justice for Jayland Walker, community control of police Chicago, IL
3/22/22 Letter to the editor: Black liberation, anti-imperialism, and Ukraine Chicago, IL
1/18/22 Chicago: Community and labor organizations mobilize for voting rights Chicago, IL
4/07/22 Chicago: Transit workers demand bathroom facilities fit for humans Chicago, IL
5/17/22 Fight Back! Radio features Black liberation leader Chicago, IL
11/10/22 Chicago students demand reproductive health clinic on campus Chicago, IL
12/29/22 Among the first to lead this struggle: The legacy of Charlene Mitchell Chicago, IL
6/08/22 Young Lords pass the torch, honor Jose “Cha Cha” Jimenez Chicago, IL
6/05/22 Chicago students want police out of their schools Chicago, IL
2/04/22 Chicago protest demands federal charges against killer cop Jason Van Dyke Chicago, IL
11/14/22 District Council candidate: ‘Chicago police made me fear for my son’s life’ Chicago, IL
5/05/22 Chicago: FRSO celebrates International Workers Day Chicago, IL
7/21/22 Chicago: ECPS Coalition demands immediate appointment of Commission for Public Safety Chicago, IL
3/11/22 Chicago: International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
9/02/22 ECPS Coalition urges Chicagoans to run for District Council elections Chicago, IL
5/16/22 Young Lords in a new era, a celebration in Chicago Chicago, IL
8/12/22 Chicago’s movement to free wrongfully incarcerated gains traction as Foxx moves to exonerate 8 Chicago, IL
11/10/22 Black students lead the fight against racism in CPS Chicago, IL
8/07/22 UPS Teamsters kick off 2023 contract fight with national week of action Chicago, IL
12/02/22 Chicago: Community Commission halts launch of police gang database Chicago, IL
1/27/22 Protest demands freedom for prisoners facing COVID outbreak Chicago, IL
9/17/22 Fight Back! Radio is dope Chicago, IL
11/04/22 Chicago: Electing candidates to hold the police accountable Chicago, IL
4/20/22 1000 rally, march: U.S. and Israel: Hands off Jerusalem! Chicago, IL
6/19/22 Sarah Nelson and Joe Burns speak at Labor Notes conference in Chicago Chicago, IL