Monday July 26, 2021
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4/20/21 Large protest at U of MN demands justice for Daunte Wright Minneapolis, MN
4/18/21 Large protest at U of MN demands justice for Daunte Wright Minneapolis, MN
2/13/21 Layoffs continue at high rate San Jose, CA
2/19/21 Layoffs rise as pandemic subsides San Jose, CA
5/15/21 Lebanese protesters cross borders to occupied Palestine, face Israeli gunfire Lebanon
5/01/21 Lenin on May Day United States
3/25/21 Less than 25% of Chicago students opt to return in first month of in-person learning Chicago, IL
5/24/21 Long live the George Floyd Rebellion! Chicago, IL
3/10/21 Los Angeles joins national day of action to convict killer cop Derek Chauvin Los Angeles, CA
5/20/21 Los Angeles protest denounces 73 years of Israeli occupation of Palestine Los Angeles, CA
5/10/21 Los Angeles: Boyle Heights celebrates May Day Los Angeles, CA
5/11/21 Louisiana transgender community celebrates defeat of medical ban, condemn sports ban New Orleans, LA
4/20/21 March and Protest Demanding Justice for Chicano youth David Sullivan Buena Park, CA
1/30/21 Marquette University staff protest firings Milwaukee, WI
1/13/21 Marx, the Civil War and the U.S. today Chicago, IL
1/30/21 Massive protests by farmers in India India
4/30/21 May Day 2021: Unite the many to defeat the few! Down with the billionaires! We need socialism! United States
7/19/21 Memphis rallies in support of Palestine Memphis, TN
3/15/21 Michigan march for Breonna Taylor Grand Rapids, MI
3/23/21 Michigan people’s march in Lansing Lansing, MI
5/16/21 Michigan protest demands ‘Free Palestine’ Grand Rapids, MI
2/20/21 Michigan solidarity with Amazon union in Alabama Grand Rapids, MI
3/19/21 Michigan Stagehands rally for unemployment benefits and jobs Lansing, MI
6/01/21 Mike Siviwe Elliott – Fighter for Black liberation and the working class Chicago, IL
4/19/21 Milwaukee Alliance campaigns to rename Lindbergh Park after Lucille Berrien Milwaukee, WI