Tuesday May 24, 2022
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10/20/21 Students say, ‘The uprising continues’ at 15th Annual SDS Conference in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN
4/23/21 Students host rally for trans-inclusive housing Tallahassee, FL
5/25/21 Students demand U of MN divest from companies aiding Israeli apartheid Minneapolis, MN
5/01/21 Students demand police accountability on U of MN president’s front lawn St. Paul, MN
7/22/21 Strong police accountability measure passes in Chicago Chicago, IL
10/29/21 Striking workers rally at Kellogg’s headquarters in Michigan Battle Creek, MI
6/09/21 Striking educators at Urban Prep Charter Schools victorious Chicago. IL
12/16/21 Strikers at Battle Creek Kellogg’s stand strong, Bernie Sanders to join Friday rally Battle Creek, MI
5/14/21 Stop Israeli terror in Palestine! Victory to the resistance! United States
4/01/21 Stop anti-Asian hate rally in Tallahassee, FL Tallahassee, FL
5/30/21 Statement from the International Delegation to the 2021 Syrian Presidential Election Syria
11/08/21 Statement Against Israel Declaring Six Human Rights Organizations as “Terrorist” Chicago, IL
3/20/21 Standing up to anti-Asian violence and the struggle for full equality San Jose, CA
2/19/21 Standing strong, Teamsters at Marathon locked out for 28 days Saint Paul Park, MN
7/12/21 Stand with socialist Cuba! United States
6/22/21 Stalin talks about the June 22 attack on Soviet Union by fascist Germany Stalin talks about the June 22 attack on Soviet Union by fascist Germany
10/31/21 Spokesperson for New People’s Army murdered by Armed Forces of Philippines Philippines
4/21/21 Speaking out against police repression in MN Minneapolis, MN
10/26/21 South Florida protesters unite to free Alex Saab Miami, FL
2/23/21 South Florida activists hold rally against sanctions, war on Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
10/03/21 Solidarity with longtime anti-war activist Joe Lombardo! United States
5/16/21 Solidarity rally in Madison, WI: ‘Palestinians can’t breathe’ Madison, WI
3/23/21 Solidarity caravan arrives in Bessemer, AL to support Amazon workers’ organizing drive Bessemer, AL
1/15/21 SEIU Local 73: Statement of support for Human Rights Day 7 in the Philippines United States
6/26/21 SEIU Local 73 members at Cook County Health begin strike Chicago, IL