Monday September 26, 2022
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3/31/21 Chicano and Black families speak out at forum to stop Los Angeles Sheriff attacks Los Angeles, CA
11/15/21 Chicano movie screening of Nicaragua’s fight against U.S. imperialism Lincoln Heights, CA
9/19/21 Climate Justice Committee marches to end Line 3 Oil pipeline Minneapolis, MN
11/19/21 Climate Justice Committee-MN: Statement on the COP 26 Summit Minneapolis, MN
4/18/21 Climate justice rally marks Earth Day at MN State Capitol Minneapolis, MN
4/06/21 Coal miners begin major strike in Alabama Tuscaloosa, Al
11/07/21 Coal miners vow to continue strike despite temporary restraining order From Alabama Judge Tuscaloosa, AL
11/22/21 Colorado Springs activists hold vigil for victims of Rittenhouse Colorado Springs, CO
3/15/21 Commentary on the ‘American Rescue Plan’ San José, CA
2/19/21 Commentary: Support Los Angles DA George Gascon’s measures for criminal justice reform Los Angeles, CA
6/28/21 Commentary: Transgender movement beats Louisiana’s 4 bigoted bills Baton Rouge, LA
3/12/21 Commentary: Union density rises in 2020, while job numbers shrink Chicago, IL
11/17/21 Committee to Stop FBI Repression opposes Israeli moves to criminalize six Palestinian groups United States
5/09/21 Condemn the killings of protesters in Colombia, free Simon Trinidad! United States
11/27/21 Connecticut protest to stop evictions Hartford, CT
9/23/21 Continued resistance to FBI repression, 11 years later United States
6/27/21 Cook County SEIU strikers stand strong Chicago, IL
7/05/21 Cook County strike reaches day 11 Chicago, IL
7/11/21 Cook County workers continue strike and stand strong Chicago, IL
7/11/21 Cook County workers continue strike and stand strong Chicago, IL
7/22/21 COVID-19 cuts US lifespan the most since World War II San Jose, CA
1/30/21 CTU forces Mayor Lightfoot to back down as Chicago Public Schools continue remote learning Chicago, IL
3/28/21 Cubans in Hialeah, FL rally against U.S. blockade Hialeah, FL
3/17/21 CWA members rally against closures of union stores and outsourcing union jobs West Saint Paul, MN
1/13/21 CWA, supporters urge Lumen Technologies CEO to honor MLK Day Washington, DC