Tuesday November 30, 2021
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2/19/21 “Day of Remembrance” of one of America’s most vile chapters Los Angeles, CA
2/23/21 ‘End the War on Immigrants’ protest at Minnesota ICE facility, 1 month after Biden’s inauguration Saint Paul, MN
2/01/21 Young workers in Milwaukee host online panel on new union organizing Milwaukee, WI
10/29/21 Young workers from Milwaukee join the John Deere UAW picket lines Waterloo, IA
10/02/21 Young Chicano shot and killed by California Highway Patrol after traffic collision Los Angeles, CA
5/03/21 Workers in Portland demand justice on May Day Portland, Oregon
3/29/21 Workers at 4 Allina hospitals vote to strike, strike authorization votes underway at 2 others Minneapolis, MN
11/07/21 Women Against Military Madness: Stand with the Six Minneapolis, MN
5/08/21 Wisconsin SDS online panel: ‘Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win! Student Organizing in Wisconsin’ Milwaukee, WI
1/02/21 Wisconsin pharmacist arrested for sabotaging COVID-19 vaccines Grafton, WI
1/05/21 Wisconsin FRSO condemns the DA’s no-charges verdict in the attempted murder of Jacob Blake Kenosha, WI
11/19/21 WI FRSO: Sham Rittenhouse trial gets judge's desired verdict Kenosha, WI
5/10/21 WFTU: Long Live May 9th! Long live Peoples’ anti-fascist Victory! Greece
3/30/21 WFTU Solidarity message to the workers and employees of Amazon in Germany Germany
7/13/21 WFTU in solidarity with the workers and people of Cuba Cuba
7/26/21 Western left intellectuals and their love affair with the attempted ‘color revolution’ in Cuba Chicago, IL
5/03/21 West Michigan labor unions rally for International Workers Day Grand Rapids, MI
5/29/21 We raised $80,000. FRSO fund drive poised for big victory United States
8/08/21 Water is life: Minneapolis stands against Line 3 Minneapolis, MN
9/12/21 Vote ‘No’ on the recall of California Governor Newsom Los Angeles, CA
4/18/21 Vigil held in Tallahassee, FL for victims of Atlanta shooting Tallahassee, FL
8/09/21 Venezuelan programs stop the Delta variant Caracas, Venezuela
8/08/21 Venezuela: Workers take over a Kellogg factory, now known as ‘Socialist Kellogg’ Maracay City, Venezuela
8/16/21 Venezuela: Revolutionary Venezuelan women collectives at forefront Paez, Venezuela
8/13/21 Venezuela: Laws aimed at gender violence have major impact Caracas, Venezuela