Wednesday June 23, 2021
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5/29/21 We raised $80,000. FRSO fund drive poised for big victory United States
5/28/21 Eyewitness report: Syrians celebrate election outcome Damascus, Syria
5/28/21 San Francisco: Thousands march for Palestine San Francisco, CA
5/28/21 Minnesotans rally against U.S. aid to Israel at Northrup Grumman Plymouth, MN
5/28/21 U.S.-backed commandos kill blind Colombian revolutionary leader Colombia
5/27/21 Tampa students demand maximum sentencing for Derek Chauvin Tampa, Fl
5/27/21 Chicago moves towards community control of police Chicago, Il
5/26/21 International delegation visits Douma day before Syrian elections Douma, Syria
5/26/21 Syracuse, NY: Teamsters gather for meet-and-greet with O’Brien-Zuckerman Slate candidates Syracuse, NY
5/26/21 Police murder of George Floyd, ‘the spark that lit a prairie fire’ United States
5/25/21 Green Bay, WI: Family of Jonathon Tubby vows to continue fight for justice Green Bay, WI
5/25/21 Tampa’s Palestinian community continues to protest for freedom and justice after ceasefire Tampa, FL
5/25/21 Minneapolis: Voices from the George Floyd uprising, one year later Minneapolis, MN
5/25/21 Students demand U of MN divest from companies aiding Israeli apartheid Minneapolis, MN
5/25/21 Photo Essay: One year anniversary of the George Floyd rebellion Minneapolis, MN
5/24/21 Grand Rapids, MI: 200 March for Palestine Grand Rapids, MI
5/24/21 International observers arrive in Syria ahead of elections Damascus, Syria
5/24/21 Long live the George Floyd Rebellion! Chicago, IL
5/23/21 Appleton, WI: Demand justice for Jimmie Sanders rally on the 4-year anniversary of his murder by police Appleton, WI
5/23/21 4000 in Minneapolis protest killings of over 200 Palestinians Minneapolis, MN
5/23/21 4000 in Minneapolis protest killings of over 200 Palestinians
5/21/21 More than 1000 march in Milwaukee for Palestine on the eve of ceasefire Milwaukee, WI
5/21/21 Minneapolis to protest the killings of over 200 Palestinians Minneapolis, MN
5/20/21 FRSO fund drive nets $65,000, let’s make the push to $100,000 United States
5/20/21 Los Angeles protest denounces 73 years of Israeli occupation of Palestine Los Angeles, CA