Sunday November 27, 2022
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5/11/21 Salt Lake City activists fighting for community control of police, end to attacks on homeless encampments Salt Lake City, UT
3/09/21 Salt Lake community members gather to demand justice in Derek Chauvin trial Salt Lake City, UT
1/05/21 Google workers launching union with Communications Workers of America San Francisco, CA
5/28/21 San Francisco: Thousands march for Palestine San Francisco, CA
3/11/21 Protest in San Jose to demand justice for George Floyd San José, CA
2/28/21 Number of workers receiving unemployment aid stays high San José, CA
5/02/21 San Jose May Day march demands justice for all San Jose, CA
1/30/21 Ranks of workers receiving unemployment insurance grows in January San José, CA
4/26/21 California: Unemployed Committee supports fight against police crimes San Jose, CA
11/30/21 San Jose demands justice for murdered Kenosha BLM protesters San Jose, CA
8/01/21 California protest slams end to federal unemployment benefits San José, CA
2/16/21 California protest demands ‘Don’t tax unemployment benefits!’ San Jose, CA
6/14/21 Federal unemployment benefits to end next week in Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi and Missouri San José, CA
5/11/21 San Jose: Large protest against Israeli attacks on Palestinians San Jose, CA
5/11/21 Job market stumbles in April San José, CA
2/19/21 Layoffs rise as pandemic subsides San Jose, CA
2/13/21 Layoffs continue at high rate San Jose, CA
3/15/21 Commentary on the ‘American Rescue Plan’ San José, CA
3/20/21 Standing up to anti-Asian violence and the struggle for full equality San Jose, CA
2/07/21 Job losses spread across the economy in January San Jose, CA
1/16/21 Unemployment insurance claims make biggest jump since March San José, CA
5/11/21 Job market stumbles in April San José, CA
6/08/21 San Jose demands justice for vendors of Berryessa Flea Market San José, CA
6/06/21 Economy on bumpy road, Republicans end benefits San José, CA
4/07/21 FRSO event: Unite and fight violence against Asian Americans! San Jose, CA