Friday June 2, 2023
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5/04/21 Hundreds march for essential immigrant workers in Milwaukee May Day Milwaukee, WI
10/05/21 Hudson Valley: October 2 marches for reproductive rights Newburgh, NY
9/19/21 Highway bannering keeps Palestine solidarity in focus Minneapolis, MN
9/16/21 Hennepin County union members rally for real raises Minneapolis, MN
6/24/21 Hennepin County AFSCME members hold contract campaign kick-off rally Minneapolis, MN
12/15/21 Hennepin County AFSCME members authorize strike Minneapolis, MN
7/31/21 Hands off the Caribbean: Minnesotans stand with Cuba and Haiti Minneapolis, MN
5/25/21 Green Bay, WI: Family of Jonathon Tubby vows to continue fight for justice Green Bay, WI
4/20/21 Green Bay, WI: Community gathers alongside family of Jonathon Tubby for day of solidarity Green Bay, WI
8/12/21 Green Bay, WI rallies to stop Lines 3 and 5 Green Bay, WI
3/11/21 Greater Fox Valley residents protest Appleton, WI for ‘The People v. Chauvin & Mattioli’ rally Appleton, WI
5/24/21 Grand Rapids, MI: 200 March for Palestine Grand Rapids, MI
6/14/21 Grand Rapids, MI rallies for Palestine Grand Rapids, MI
3/21/21 Grand Rapids rally opposes anti-Asian murders Grand Rapids, MI
1/05/21 Google workers launching union with Communications Workers of America San Francisco, CA
3/29/21 Go all out for May Day 2021! United States
1/29/21 GameStop, Reddit, and what we all should know about the stock market Chicago, IL
10/05/21 FRSO, Milwaukee Alliance, SDS, and others rally to defend reproductive rights Milwaukee, WI
3/06/21 FRSO to hold International Women’s Day celebration Minneapolis, MN
1/07/21 FRSO statement on the historic Georgia election United States
4/25/21 FRSO statement on the conviction of Derek Chauvin United States
3/15/21 FRSO Spring Fundraising drive: $100,000-plus needed for great leap forward United States
5/06/21 FRSO Salt Lake City celebrates May Day Salt Lake City, UT
5/06/21 FRSO online fundraising party May 7 - you’re invited! Minneapolis, MN
1/12/21 FRSO online event to mark Martin Luther King Day United States