Thursday August 5, 2021
| Last update: Thursday at 7:00 PM


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3/22/21 Tallahassee community remembers Mychael Johnson Tallahassee, FL
6/17/21 Tallahassee vigil commemorates lives lost in Pulse Nightclub Massacre Tallahassee, FL
2/23/21 Florida: Tally19 press conference demands ‘Drop the felony charges against protester’ Tallahassee, FL
3/07/21 Tallahassee: Rally tells lawmakers to reject repressive legislation Tallahassee, FL
3/30/21 Tampa rally demands justice for George Floyd, jail for killer cops Tampa Bay, Florida
6/01/21 Tampa: Community demands no new police headquarters Tampa, FL
2/01/21 Tampa activists rally against police brutality and Gov. DeSantis’ anti-protest bill Tampa, FL
2/11/21 Frontier workers picket at Super Bowl, demand decent contract Tampa, FL
4/05/21 Tampa students host webinar to defend free speech Tampa, FL
3/11/21 Tampa students and community members hold protest to demand justice for George Floyd Tampa, FL
5/18/21 Large Palestinian solidarity rally in Tampa demands ‘Free Palestine’ Tampa, FL
2/11/21 Tampa students arrested for protesting on campus Tampa, FL
5/03/21 Tampa workers rally on International Workers Day Tampa, FL
5/11/21 University of South Florida students and faculty rally against building on nature preserve Tampa, FL
5/18/21 Tampa, FL: Hundreds march in solidarity with Palestine Tampa, FL
4/24/21 Tampa students protest budget cuts and bill that would implement cuts to Bright Futures Tampa, FL
5/27/21 Tampa students demand maximum sentencing for Derek Chauvin Tampa, Fl
4/11/21 Tampa rallies against repressive legislation Tampa, FL
2/21/21 Eyewitness interview to the corporate-made disaster in Texas Texas
7/23/21 Frito Lay workers enter third week of strike to end ‘suicide shifts’ Topeka, KA
7/30/21 Frito Lay workers end strike, ratify contract after management forced to revise offer Topeka, KS
7/21/21 Peru defeats far right, indigenous union educator is new president Tucson, AZ
3/02/21 Tucson anti-war protestors: “new administration, same devastation!” Tucson, AZ
6/10/21 President Biden continues ‘legal kidnapping’ of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab Tucson, AZ
6/09/21 Union educator in the lead to become president of Peru Tucson, AZ