Thursday December 8, 2022
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3/31/21 People v. Derek Chauvin opening arguments protest Minneapolis, MN
5/13/21 1000 Minnesotans take the streets to protest attacks on Palestine Minneapolis, MN
1/10/21 MN march for justice for Dolal Idd and Jacob Blake Minneapolis, MN
3/28/21 Minnesota demands U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan Minneapolis, MN
9/21/21 Minneapolis referendum on policing: Vote No on Question 2 Minneapolis, MN
4/26/21 Minneapolis high school students demand: Justice for Anthony Thompson Jr, no police in schools Minneapolis, MN
10/10/21 SDS disrupts U of MN regents meeting in push for Campus Civilian Police Accountability Council Minneapolis, MN
3/06/21 FRSO to hold International Women’s Day celebration Minneapolis, MN
8/18/21 Minneapolis high rise window cleaners begin strike Minneapolis, MN
4/21/21 Speaking out against police repression in MN Minneapolis, MN
10/18/21 Bannering for ‘Legalization for All!’ in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
4/23/21 Justice for Adam Toledo car caravan protest in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
10/12/21 Minnesota marks 20th anniversary of the U.S. war on Afghanistan Minneapolis, MN
5/16/21 Biden's first 100 days gets failing environmental justice score Minneapolis, MN
8/28/21 Minneapolis high rise window cleaners end strike after winning major gains Minneapolis, MN
6/11/21 Minneapolis building bridges of solidarity to Palestine Minneapolis, MN
9/26/21 AFSCME members at University of Minnesota rally for a decent contract Minneapolis, MN
3/28/21 Minneapolis: Major protest to coincide with opening arguments at trial for cop who killed George Floyd Minneapolis, MN
3/07/21 Minnesota activist coalition to protest on March 8 for justice for George Floyd Minneapolis, MN
5/25/21 Minneapolis: Voices from the George Floyd uprising, one year later Minneapolis, MN
12/15/21 Hennepin County AFSCME members authorize strike Minneapolis, MN
7/23/21 MN 646 demand ‘Drop the charges’ Minneapolis, MN
9/19/21 Highway bannering keeps Palestine solidarity in focus Minneapolis, MN
1/25/21 Facebook shuts down community, women’s groups and activists’ pages without cause Minneapolis, MN
10/20/21 Students say, ‘The uprising continues’ at 15th Annual SDS Conference in Minnesota Minneapolis, MN