Tuesday November 30, 2021
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5/23/21 4000 in Minneapolis protest killings of over 200 Palestinians
5/21/21 More than 1000 march in Milwaukee for Palestine on the eve of ceasefire Milwaukee, WI
5/21/21 Minneapolis to protest the killings of over 200 Palestinians Minneapolis, MN
5/20/21 FRSO fund drive nets $65,000, let’s make the push to $100,000 United States
5/20/21 Los Angeles protest denounces 73 years of Israeli occupation of Palestine Los Angeles, CA
5/20/21 Jacksonville rallies to demand a Free Palestine Jacksonville, FL
5/19/21 Palestinian youth lead rally in solidarity general strike Milwaukee, WI
5/19/21 Tucson organizes solidarity rally for Palestine Tucson, AZ
5/19/21 Tucson organizes solidarity rally for Palestine Tucson, AZ
5/18/21 Large Palestinian solidarity rally in Tampa demands ‘Free Palestine’ Tampa, FL
5/18/21 It’s Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, read his article “The path which led me to Leninism” United States
5/18/21 Dallas, TX: 3000 march for Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza Dallas, TX
5/18/21 Tampa, FL: Hundreds march in solidarity with Palestine Tampa, FL
5/18/21 Thousands take Miami streets for two nights of pro-Palestine protests Miami, FL
5/17/21 25,000 in Chicago march to condemn Israel Chicago, IL
5/16/21 Minnesota: More than 2000 protest against ongoing Nakba In Palestine Columbia Heights, MN
5/16/21 New York City commemorates Nakba Day New York, NY
5/16/21 Biden's first 100 days gets failing environmental justice score Minneapolis, MN
5/16/21 Michigan protest demands ‘Free Palestine’ Grand Rapids, MI
5/16/21 Solidarity rally in Madison, WI: ‘Palestinians can’t breathe’ Madison, WI
5/16/21 Denver march demands justice for Palestine Denver, CO
5/15/21 Lebanese protesters cross borders to occupied Palestine, face Israeli gunfire Lebanon
5/14/21 Stop Israeli terror in Palestine! Victory to the resistance! United States
5/14/21 Minnesota Al Nakba protest and march: Say no to US aid to Israel! Minneapolis, MN
5/14/21 Tallahassee protest demands justice for Raheem Reeder Tallahassee, FL