Tuesday September 27, 2022
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9/13/21 UT Austin students rally to stop police crimes and racism Austin, TX
9/02/21 Austin protests Texas governor’s attack on women Austin, TX
4/03/21 Austin rallies in solidarity with Palestine on Land Day Austin, TX
3/11/21 Austin rally on opening day of trial of cop who murdered George Floyd Austin, TX
2/24/21 Austinites rally for those abandoned to Winter Storm Uri Austin, TX
7/21/21 Protesters disrupt Louisiana veto override session, condemn transgender sports ban Baton Rouge
6/28/21 Commentary: Transgender movement beats Louisiana’s 4 bigoted bills Baton Rouge, LA
10/29/21 Striking workers rally at Kellogg’s headquarters in Michigan Battle Creek, MI
12/16/21 Strikers at Battle Creek Kellogg’s stand strong, Bernie Sanders to join Friday rally Battle Creek, MI
10/09/21 Kellogg’s workers on strike in Michigan Battle Creek, MI
2/23/21 Amazon tries to bribe workers to quit before union vote Bessemer, AL
2/09/21 Union vote begins at Amazon distribution center in Alabama Bessemer, AL
2/01/21 Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama to hold historic union vote Bessemer, AL
3/23/21 Solidarity caravan arrives in Bessemer, AL to support Amazon workers’ organizing drive Bessemer, AL
4/08/21 More than 3200 Amazon workers cast ballots in historic union election Birmingham, AL
1/04/21 Political prisoner Facundo Molares wins freedom! Bolivia
2/19/21 Canada: USW members at Fenner Dunlop locked out after rejecting contract concessions Bracebridge, ON, Canada
4/12/21 Protest in Brooklyn Center, MN demands justice for Daunte Wright Brooklyn Center, MN
4/15/21 Five days of protests for Daunte Wright in MN Brooklyn Center, MN
8/05/21 4 months into strike, coal miners at Warrior Met mine hold large solidarity rally Brookwood, AL
4/20/21 March and Protest Demanding Justice for Chicano youth David Sullivan Buena Park, CA
8/03/21 Venezuela: Government leads fight against pandemic, cancels rent Caracas, Venezuela
7/31/21 Eyewitness Venezuela: Homelessness becoming thing of the past Caracas, Venezuela
8/13/21 Venezuela: Laws aimed at gender violence have major impact Caracas, Venezuela
8/09/21 Venezuelan programs stop the Delta variant Caracas, Venezuela