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3/19/21 Photo Essay: Minneapolis protest on day one of the trial of cop who killed George Floyd. Minneapolis
1/17/21 Philippines: Threats to kill labor leaders Philippines
8/19/21 Philippines: Revolutionary artist Parts Bagani murdered by state agents Philippines
8/29/21 Philippines: Rally around the oppressed healthcare workers Philippines
3/09/21 Philippines: Punish the fascist criminals behind mass murder in Southern Tagalog Philippines
7/21/21 Philippines: Patriotic and democratic forces condemn Duterte’s ‘terrorist’ designation Philippines
7/21/21 Philippines: Patriotic and democratic forces condemn Duterte’s ‘terrorist’ designation Philippines
2/16/21 Philippines: Oppressors of the Lumads will be made to pay Philippines
1/31/21 Philippines: Mark the 50th anniversary of the Diliman Commune Philippines
3/07/21 Philippines: Labor organizers, activists n Southern Tagalog among first victims of Duterte "kill-them-all" order Philippines
6/21/21 Philippines: Expose AFP lies to cover-up the murder of civilians Philippines
7/05/21 Philippines: End Duterte’s state terrorism, junk the Anti-Terrorism Law Philippines
4/05/21 Philippines: Duterte’s lockdown brings more hardships and abuse against the people Philippines
7/30/21 Philippines: Duterte used VFA as bargaining chip for U.S. support for his tyranny Philippines
5/13/21 Philippines: Denounce and reject ATC vilification of revolutionaries as “terrorists” Philippines
5/30/21 Philippines: Condemn the double murder of senior NDFP peace consultants in the Visayas Philippines
10/29/21 Philippines: Condemn Philippine National Police massacre of peasants in Masbate Philippines
12/06/21 Philippines: Condemn AFP terrorist aerial bombing in Miag-ao Philippines
10/13/21 Philippines: Call for collective action to extend aid to victims of massive flooding Philippines
7/21/21 Peru defeats far right, indigenous union educator is new president Tucson, AZ
11/27/21 People’s Thanksgiving celebrates advances for labor, Black liberation movements Chicago, IL
3/31/21 People v. Derek Chauvin opening arguments protest Minneapolis, MN
1/10/21 People of Milwaukee respond to right-wing seizure of Capitol building in D.C. Milwaukee, WI
3/05/21 People across Wisconsin prepare for the trials of Derek Chauvin and Michael Mattioli Milwaukee, WI
6/12/21 Pedro Castillo’s presidential win: A Peruvian trade unionist perspective Peru