Tuesday May 17, 2022
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11/17/21 Minneapolis bannering to demand asylum for Haitian immigrants Minneapolis, MN
6/24/21 Milwaukee: Lindbergh Park renamed Lucille Berrien Park. Milwaukee, WI
9/13/21 Milwaukee: Activists rally to say ‘Hands off Afghanistan’ on 20th anniversary of 9/11 Milwaukee, WI
9/16/21 Milwaukee SDS holds day of action on UWM campus as the semester starts Milwaukee, WI
11/22/21 Milwaukee protest says: “Indict, convict, send Kyle Rittenhouse to jail!” Milwaukee, WI
11/22/21 Milwaukee protest says: “Indict, convict, send Kyle Rittenhouse to jail!” Milwaukee, WI
8/17/21 Milwaukee police kill another person, their 2nd this summer Milwaukee, WI
7/28/21 Milwaukee judge rules probable cause to charge killer cop Joseph Mensah in murder of Jay Anderson, Jr. Milwaukee, WI
3/09/21 Milwaukee demands justice for Joel Acevedo and George Floyd on day 1 of their killers’ trials Milwaukee, WI
1/20/21 Milwaukee Common Council reverses earlier vote, approves COPS Grant Milwaukee, WI
1/12/21 Milwaukee car caravan says: “No to COPS grant, yes to CPAC!” Milwaukee, WI
12/20/21 Milwaukee Alliance organizes picket to free Theo Edgecomb Milwaukee, WI
11/09/21 Milwaukee Alliance hosts rally to focus the county budget on community, not cops Milwaukee, WI
7/08/21 Milwaukee Alliance demands justice for Roberto Zielinski outside District 6 police station Milwaukee, WI
6/08/21 Milwaukee Alliance demands bodycam footage in police murder of Roberto Zielinski Milwaukee, WI
10/29/21 Milwaukee Alliance celebrates the unveiling of Lucille Berrien Park Milwaukee, WI
4/19/21 Milwaukee Alliance campaigns to rename Lindbergh Park after Lucille Berrien Milwaukee, WI
8/02/21 Millions face homelessness as eviction ban expires United States
6/01/21 Mike Siviwe Elliott – Fighter for Black liberation and the working class Chicago, IL
3/19/21 Michigan Stagehands rally for unemployment benefits and jobs Lansing, MI
2/20/21 Michigan solidarity with Amazon union in Alabama Grand Rapids, MI
5/16/21 Michigan protest demands ‘Free Palestine’ Grand Rapids, MI
3/23/21 Michigan people’s march in Lansing Lansing, MI
3/15/21 Michigan march for Breonna Taylor Grand Rapids, MI
11/24/21 Michigan march against Kyle Rittenhouse verdict Grand Rapids