Tuesday March 21, 2023
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12/29/21 In remembrance of Chuck Kaufman, anti-imperialist, international solidarity organizer Tucson, AZ
9/21/21 In split vote, Nabisco workers accept new contract offer, ending 39-day strike Portland, OR
1/21/21 Inauguration day car caravan in Milwaukee demands action on immigrant rights Milwaukee, WI
3/04/21 India: People’s Brigade 2021 India
5/26/21 International delegation visits Douma day before Syrian elections Douma, Syria
5/24/21 International observers arrive in Syria ahead of elections Damascus, Syria
9/08/21 Interview with Entergy worker on Hurricane Ida response New Orleans, LA
12/03/21 Interview with Frank Chapman about his new book, Marxist Leninist Perspectives on Black Liberation and Socialism United States
10/18/21 Interview with leader of Peruvian Coca-Cola workers: “We are stopping production” Peru
1/25/21 Interview with Mark Burton, attorney for Colombian revolutionary Simon Trinidad United States
6/16/21 Interview with Nicaraguan Sandinista: Pandemic recovery, new elections follow defeat of U.S. coup attempt United States
11/30/21 Interview with Toni Gilpin on recent strikes and the need for fighting unions United States
5/18/21 It’s Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, read his article “The path which led me to Leninism” United States
7/30/21 Jacksonville demands a People’s Budget, no new police funding Jacksonville
11/22/21 Jacksonville demands DOJ charge Rittenhouse, stop racist vigilantism Jacksonville, FL
3/12/21 Jacksonville demands justice for George Floyd on the first day of the Chauvin trial Jacksonville, FL
11/02/21 Jacksonville demands police accountability, demands reinstatement of Safer Together Committee Jacksonville, FL
4/27/21 Jacksonville rallies after Chauvin guilty verdict Jacksonville, FL
5/20/21 Jacksonville rallies to demand a Free Palestine Jacksonville, FL
3/06/21 Jacksonville travels to state capitol to fight repressive legislation on first day of session  Tallahassee, FL
2/03/21 Jacksonville, FL: No to Governor DeSantis’ repressive and anti-speech HB1 legislation Jacksonville, FL
3/25/21 Japanese American community gathers to mourn elder deaths and mass evictions Los Angeles, CA
2/07/21 Job losses spread across the economy in January San Jose, CA
5/11/21 Job market stumbles in April San José, CA
5/11/21 Job market stumbles in April San José, CA