Saturday April 1, 2023
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3/17/21 CWA members rally against closures of union stores and outsourcing union jobs West Saint Paul, MN
10/29/21 Young workers from Milwaukee join the John Deere UAW picket lines Waterloo, IA
11/21/21 Teamsters United victory is historic step forward Washington, DC
1/13/21 CWA, supporters urge Lumen Technologies CEO to honor MLK Day Washington, DC
6/23/21 First day of Teamster convention Washington, D.C.
6/24/21 Day two of Teamster convention votes out ‘2/3 rule’ Washington D.C
12/03/21 Interview with Frank Chapman about his new book, Marxist Leninist Perspectives on Black Liberation and Socialism United States
9/05/21 Fight for reproductive freedom and women’s rights! United States
12/30/21 Looking forward to a new year of struggle in 2022: Join FRSO United States
11/21/21 The farmers in India have won United States
4/15/21 In honor of William Ramsey Clark United States
7/07/21 USPCN: Our Response to the PA’s Recent Mass Arrests of Palestinian activists United States
1/07/21 FRSO statement on the historic Georgia election United States
7/23/21 100 years of the Communist Party of China United States
9/19/21 Fight for voting rights! United States
11/17/21 Committee to Stop FBI Repression opposes Israeli moves to criminalize six Palestinian groups United States
1/25/21 Interview with Mark Burton, attorney for Colombian revolutionary Simon Trinidad United States
5/05/21 On Karl Marx’s birthday, read his abolitionist letter to Abraham Lincoln United States
10/03/21 Solidarity with longtime anti-war activist Joe Lombardo! United States
3/19/21 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune marked by international webinar United States
2/26/21 FRSO condemns Biden’s military strike on Syria United States
12/26/21 A great read from Mao Zedong on his birthday United States
5/09/21 Condemn the killings of protesters in Colombia, free Simon Trinidad! United States
11/13/21 Free Alex Saab, Venezuela Diplomat, Jailed by U.S. United States
8/17/21 The U.S. and Afghanistan: Exit the paper tiger United States