Monday August 8, 2022
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1/14/20 Thousands protest Trump visit in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
6/07/20 Thousands protest across South Florida against police violence Miami, FL
6/14/20 Thousands of Greek protesters sent message: “I can’t breathe. Break the chains of exploitation!” Greece
6/14/20 Thousands march in Minneapolis to oppose police crimes Minneapolis, MN
6/02/20 Thousands march in Fort Lauderdale against killer cops Fort Lauderdale, FL
6/15/20 Thousands march for third straight weekend in Jacksonville, demand community control of the police Jacksonville, FL
9/25/20 Thousands march for Breonna Taylor in NYC New York, NY
6/10/20 Thousands march for Black lives in Dallas Dallas, TX
8/02/20 Thousands march and rally in Portland Portland, OR
6/01/20 Thousands in Tampa Bay demand justice for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality Tampa, FL
9/01/20 Thousands in East LA protest for 50th Chicano Moratorium anniversary East Los Angeles, CA
6/03/20 Thousands honor trans Black people at Stonewall on 5th day of NYC protests New York, NY
5/11/20 They steal pain just to make more - the monstrous among us Appleton, WI
2/13/20 They have no shame! Chicago, IL
7/21/20 The Wisconsin District of FRSO condemns the deployment of federal agents to Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
9/15/20 The West Coast is burning, and capitalism is to blame West Coast
3/28/20 The U.S. should be working with China to end the Pandemic, Not provoking a new cold war United States
6/12/20 The time is now to join a revolutionary organization: Join Freedom Road Socialist Organization United States
10/31/20 The riot in Naples and the choice between health and work Italy
4/04/20 The recession has begun - will this be a depression? San José, CA
6/24/20 The people will not be ignored, the time is now for CPAC! Chicago, IL
11/13/20 The people must stand up and fight back against Trump stealing the election! Chicago, IL
11/29/20 The defeat of Trump and the road ahead United States
4/06/20 The COVID-19 pandemic and the African American Nation San Jose, CA
8/26/20 The battle for the United States Postal Service Milwaukee, WI