Tuesday August 3, 2021
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3/16/20 Federal Reserve hits panic button San José, CA
3/15/20 Lights out as capitalist economies grind towards halt San Jose, CA
3/15/20 Accomplishments of Venezuela hailed on International Women’s Day Minneapolis, MN
3/15/20 Immediate steps are required to avert mass casualties in prisons and jails Chicago, IL
3/14/20 Communist Party of Philippines: ‘Lockdown’ will intensify repression in National Capital Region Philippines
3/14/20 Saint Paul educators end strike, make gains in contract settlement St. Paul, MN
3/12/20 Editorial: Fed takes action to save Wall Street, not the people United States
3/12/20 Stock market crushed after Trump’s speech San Jose, CA
3/12/20 Commentary: Phony Civilian Oversight bill defeated in Chicago Chicago, IL
3/12/20 Italy: The communists’ efforts in the coronavirus outbreak Italy
3/12/20 Venezuela: FRSO meets National Electoral Council president Caracas, Venezuela
3/12/20 FSU students unite against Charlie Kirk’s ‘Culture War’ event Tallahassee, FL
3/12/20 Jacksonville labor activists celebrate International Women's Day Jacksonville, FL
3/11/20 Venezuela: FRSO labor delegation meets with Bolivarian Space Agency Caracas, Venezuela
3/11/20 St. Paul MN teachers on strike St. Paul, MN
3/11/20 Tallahassee International Women’s Day Tallahassee, FL
3/10/20 FRSO labor delegation joins Venezuelan march defending the Bolivarian government Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 Threats against Prof. Sison are threats against the resumption of the peace talks Philippines
3/10/20 Wisconsin FRSO celebrates International Women’s Day in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
3/10/20 Stocks plunge on COVID-19 fears San José, CA
3/10/20 FRSO labor delegation meets with Venezuelan trade union leaders Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 Standing room only at Chicago International Women’s Day celebration Chicago, IL
3/10/20 FRSO delegation arrives in Caracas, meets with human rights organization Caracas, Venezuela
3/10/20 Boyle Heights celebrates International Women’s Day Los Angeles, CA
3/09/20 Minnesota International Women’s Day: If we are organized, we can beat them, and we have a world to win! Minnesota