Sunday August 7, 2022
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5/11/20 Minnesota: Life of Jaffort Smith honored, demand justice for man murdered by St. Paul police St. Paul, MN
2/20/20 Minnesota House subcommittee passes bill to end local jail contracts with ICE St. Paul, MN
3/11/20 St. Paul MN teachers on strike St. Paul, MN
3/14/20 Saint Paul educators end strike, make gains in contract settlement St. Paul, MN
8/25/20 Minnesota’s Line 3 pipeline protests get results St. Paul, MN
3/04/20 Minnesota to protest Vice President Pence appearance St. Paul, MN
8/21/20 Rockets hit U.S. base in Syria Syria
11/19/20 Israeli missile attack kills 3 Syrian soldiers Syria
5/30/20 Tallahassee community members demand Justice for Tony McDade Tallahassee, FL
3/11/20 Tallahassee International Women’s Day Tallahassee, FL
8/10/20 Delay school reopening: Tallahassee car-noise rally outside of school board meeting Tallahassee, FL
10/21/20 Tallahassee: Candidate from for Superintendent of Leon County Schools Tallahassee, FL
9/03/20 Memorial for all lives lost in Florida prisons Tallahassee, FL
7/28/20 Florida parents, teachers, students demand delay of school reopening as COVID cases rise Tallahassee, FL
5/30/20 Hundreds of protesters demand justice for victims of police crimes in Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL
11/25/20 Tallahassee students rally against political repression, demand Community Police Accountability Council Tallahassee, FL
7/24/20 Florida State students host call-in day, slave-owner statue removed once again Tallahassee, FL
1/30/20 Florida: Black state lawmakers demand transparency in Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, justice for Jamee Johnson Tallahassee, FL
4/07/20 Family and community speak out against Tallahassee police killing of Mychael Johnson Tallahassee, FL
9/23/20 Tallahassee rallies for community control of the police - CPAC now! Tallahassee, FL
1/14/20 Florida teachers rally at state capitol Tallahassee, FL
4/26/20 Car caravan protesters mourn police killing of Mychael Johnson Tallahassee, FL
8/31/20 Tallahassee, FL: Man wielding gun disrupts Kenosha uprising solidarity rally Tallahassee, FL
3/12/20 FSU students unite against Charlie Kirk’s ‘Culture War’ event Tallahassee, FL
10/26/20 State attorney reduces some charges; refuses diversion to Tally 19 felony arrestees Tallahassee, FL