Friday August 12, 2022
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9/11/20 UIC told: You don’t value the lives of workers, and the lives of Black, Latino workers even less. Chicago, IL
9/11/20 Unemployment insurance numbers rise across the board San José, CA
9/11/20 Rally for community control of the police in Seattle Seattle, WA
9/11/20 Texas entertainment workers rally to push for $600 and pass HEROES Act Austin, TX
9/11/20 Protesters reject police repression against the Tally14—hours later, police strike again Tallahassee, FL
9/11/20 TCC4J statement on court hearing for George Floyd’s murderers Minneapolis–Saint Paul
9/12/20 Nurses rally on day 1 of UIC strike Chicago, IL
9/13/20 Texas indigenous tribe calls for UT-Austin to return stolen ancestral remains Austin, TX
9/13/20 New Orleans trans community celebrates name change, housing victories, keeps up fight New Orleans, LA
9/13/20 Illinois: UIC bringing scabs from other states despite COVID – 19 restrictions Chicago, IL
9/14/20 New York City launches fight for community control of police New York, NY
9/15/20 5300 UIC workers ‘strike for our lives’ Chicago, IL
9/15/20 The West Coast is burning, and capitalism is to blame West Coast
9/15/20 South Los Angeles continues to seek justice for Dijon Kizzee LA, CA
9/16/20 Pretrial hearing for cops that killed George Floyd, large protest demands justice Minneapolis, MN
9/16/20 Pretrial hearing for cops that killed George Floyd, large protest demands justice Minneapolis, MN
9/17/20 Palestinians slam Arab regimes' ‘normalization’ with Zionist occupation Chicago, IL
9/17/20 UIC: Largest strike since start of the economic crisis Chicago, IL
9/18/20 Latest unemployment insurance report shows economic crisis continues San José, CA
9/18/20 Milwaukee frontline workers demand extended unemployment benefits, justice Milwaukee, WI
9/18/20 Anti-police crimes group demands Green Bay Packers honor memory of Jonathon Tubby Green Bay, WI
9/18/20 UIC workers march, call for Gov. Pritzker to support their demands Chicago, IL
9/20/20 UIC workers vow to continue strike, rally with community and labor allies Chicago, IL
9/20/20 FRSO stands in solidarity with anti-racist activists arrested in Denver United States
9/20/20 Dallas Alliance marches again for Black lives Dallas, TX