Thursday August 18, 2022
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5/02/20 New York caravan celebrates May Day New York, NY
9/21/20 New York City rallies against martial law in Philippines New York, NY
7/04/20 NYC Mayor’s promise to defund NYPD falls short of the people’s demands New York, NY
4/15/20 COVID-19's impact on the Bronx New York, NY
7/27/20 NYC rallies for People’s State of the Nation Address New York, NY
6/29/20 NYC Queer Liberation March honors Black lives New York, NY
3/26/20 New Yorkers demand rent suspension New York, NY
2/22/20 Group planning march on DNC heads to New York to build support New York, NY
4/03/20 NYC: Trump’s floating hospital brings disappointment New York, NY
4/27/20 FRSO online event: COVID-19 pandemic striking Black and brown communities New York, NY
6/07/20 Day 8 of New York City protests for Black lives New York, NY
6/19/20 NYC marches for Juneteenth New York, NY
1/06/20 NYC demands no war on Iran and Iraq New York, NY
2/23/20 “We want to show the DNC that the people have the power,” says Milwaukee coalition New York, NY
4/05/20 China donates 1000 ventilators to New York New York, NY
4/20/20 NYC plans massive funding cuts to education New York, NY
9/25/20 Thousands march for Breonna Taylor in NYC New York, NY
6/01/20 NYC protests for George Floyd and Minneapolis rebellion New York, NY
4/11/20 New York: New social distancing fines attack workers, not coronavirus New York, NY
1/26/20 NYC demands: “No War on Iran” New York, NY
4/01/20 Right-wing anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ organization sets up hospital in Central Park New York, NY
9/20/20 New York City protest calls for community control of the police New York, NY
11/05/20 NYC post-election rally demands power for the people New York, NY
6/19/20 NYC marches for Juneteenth New York, NY
4/10/20 NYC organizers host live stream on tenant rights and organizing under COVID-19 New York, NY