Friday August 12, 2022
| Last update: Friday at 5:18 PM


Published Title Location
6/01/20 Los Angeles demands justice for George Floyd and other victims of police terror Los Angeles, CA
6/01/20 Police attack demonstration in Ohio Columbus, OH
6/01/20 NYC protests for George Floyd and Minneapolis rebellion New York, NY
6/01/20 Historic mobilization in Jacksonville, over 3500 take the streets demanding justice Jacksonville, FL
6/01/20 Salt Lake City erupts, demands justice for George Floyd, Bernardo Palacios Salt Lake City, UT
5/31/20 Tampa: Thousands march for justice, police respond with violence Tampa, FL
5/31/20 Trade unionists with Minnesota Workers United demand justice for George Floyd Minneapolis, MN
5/31/20 Central Florida FRSO condemns Florida curfews Central Florida
5/31/20 Police attack Dallas protest for George Floyd Dallas, TX
5/30/20 20,000 march in Chicago to get justice for George Floyd Chicago, IL
5/30/20 Hundreds of protesters demand justice for victims of police crimes in Tallahassee Tallahassee, FL
5/30/20 Wisconsin FRSO condemns mayor’s curfew and deployment of National Guard Milwaukee, WI
5/30/20 Tallahassee community members demand Justice for Tony McDade Tallahassee, FL
5/30/20 Milwaukee: Large protests against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
5/30/20 Police attack protesters in San José, California San José, CA
5/29/20 Justice for George Floyd! Indict and convict the killer cops! Community control of the police now! United States
5/29/20 Continue the fight to get justice for George Floyd! Minnesota
5/29/20 BAYAN and ILPS call for end of U.S.-Philippines arms deal New York, NY
5/29/20 Over 1000 march in Los Angeles demanding justice for George Floyd Los Angeles, CA
5/29/20 2.1 million new claims for unemployment insurance bring total to 40 million San José, CA
5/29/20 Milwaukee protests planned in wake of Minneapolis Uprising Milwaukee, WI
5/29/20 Chicanos in Boyle Heights to participate in the National Day of Action May 30 Los Angeles, CA
5/28/20 Uprising underway in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
5/28/20 Salt Lake to protest police killings on national day of action May 30 Salt Lake City, UT
5/28/20 General Appeal Regarding the International Health Emergency –Covid 19 World