Saturday January 22, 2022
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Published Title Location
6/04/20 Hundreds protest racist violence in New Orleans, police attack demonstrators New Orleans, LA
6/04/20 Protests for George Floyd continue daily in Salt Lake Salt Lake City, UT
6/04/20 Minnesota: Anti-War Committee demands justice for George Floyd Minnesota
6/04/20 Rebellion wins demand: All four Minneapolis police charged in murder of George Floyd Saint Paul, MN
6/03/20 Minnesota: Student protest demands justice for George Floyd Minneapolis, MN
6/03/20 55,000 protest police murder in Boston after days of sharp struggle Boston, MA
6/03/20 PFLP: Support for people in the U.S. confronting injustice and racism United States
6/03/20 Armed Chicanos in Texas lead Black Lives Matter protest Laredo, TX
6/03/20 Thousands honor trans Black people at Stonewall on 5th day of NYC protests New York, NY
6/03/20 Milwaukee: Days of demonstrations, police escalate attacks against protesters on year’s hottest day Milwaukee, WI
6/03/20 Minneapolis Public Schools follows lead of University of Minnesota, ends contract with Minneapolis Police Department Minneapolis, MN
6/03/20 Trump’s attempt to fan the flames of repression fails to frighten growing movement United States
6/02/20 Greece: “Solidarity with the Struggle of the Workers and People of USA Against Barbarism” Greece
6/02/20 Tanker truck plows into protesters on I-35W bridge, no charges filed Minneapolis, MN
6/02/20 Appleton, WI joins in demanding justice for George Floyd Appleton, WI
6/02/20 Solidarity with U.S. protests in India India
6/02/20 Communist Party of the Philippines oppose repression of U.S. protests United States
6/02/20 Hundreds in New Orleans rally against police, racism and gender-based violence New Orleans, LA
6/02/20 Thousands march in Fort Lauderdale against killer cops Fort Lauderdale, FL
6/02/20 NYC protests continue despite curfew New York City
6/02/20 WFTU Campaign: Solidarity to the U.S. people’s struggle World
6/02/20 Jax Fraternal Order of Police president threatens local teacher Jacksonville, FL
6/02/20 100,000-plus join protests called by National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression Chicago, IL
6/01/20 Thousands in Tampa Bay demand justice for George Floyd and all victims of police brutality Tampa, FL
6/01/20 Communist Party of Philippines supports the struggle of the people of the U.S. United States