Tuesday July 5, 2022
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6/07/20 Milwaukee: Labor contingent marches against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
6/07/20 Tens of thousands take to the streets in Washington DC Washington, DC
6/07/20 Thousands protest across South Florida against police violence Miami, FL
6/07/20 Day 8 of New York City protests for Black lives New York, NY
6/07/20 Houston protests police murder of George Floyd Houston, TX
6/07/20 10,000-plus march against police crimes in Jacksonville FL Jacksonville, FL
6/08/20 Minneapolis: ‘Disband, defund,’ or community control, of the police Minneapolis, MN
6/08/20 LAPD Chief Moore delays finalizing report on cop who beat Richard Castillo Los Angeles, CA
6/08/20 AFSCME Local 3800: Justice for George Floyd! Minneapolis, MN
6/08/20 Day of Action to Stop Police Crimes | June 13ᵗʰ 2020 USA
6/08/20 Laredo Texas activist refuses FBI questioning Laredo, TX
6/08/20 Milwaukee: Families of Alvin Cole, Jay Anderson, Jr., march with Milwaukee Alliance demanding ‘Justice for Thee 3’ Milwaukee, WI
6/09/20 1000 protesters brave Tropical Storm Cristobal to rally in Tally against police brutality Tallahassee, FL
6/10/20 Tampa Bay students lead rally for community control of the police, justice for George Floyd Tampa Bay, FL
6/10/20 Thousands march for Black lives in Dallas Dallas, TX
6/10/20 LA killer cop Frank Hernandez charged for brutal beating Los Angeles, CA
6/11/20 Philippines: Denounce threats against protesters using Covid-19 as pretext Philippines
6/11/20 Native Americans pull down Christopher Columbus statue at Minnesota Capitol Saint Paul, MN
6/12/20 The time is now to join a revolutionary organization: Join Freedom Road Socialist Organization United States
6/12/20 Stock market tanks as reality sinks in San José, CA
6/12/20 Milwaukee Alliance hosts rally during Cole family meeting with DA Chisholm Milwaukee, WI
6/12/20 Minnesota Workers United labor contingent joins justice for George Floyd protest Minneapolis, MN
6/13/20 Black Lives Matter-Lansing event declares racism a public health crisis, confronts mayor Lansing, MI
6/13/20 New Orleans protesters un-arrest Black community member and rally to defund police New Orleans, LA
6/13/20 New Yorkers march against NYPD crimes, repeal Bill 50A New York, NY