Thursday July 7, 2022
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6/03/20 Milwaukee: Days of demonstrations, police escalate attacks against protesters on year’s hottest day Milwaukee, WI
9/22/20 Milwaukee: Essential workers rally to stop Trump Milwaukee, WI
6/21/20 Milwaukee: Families deliver complaints and march against Wauwatosa Police Department Milwaukee, WI
6/08/20 Milwaukee: Families of Alvin Cole, Jay Anderson, Jr., march with Milwaukee Alliance demanding ‘Justice for Thee 3’ Milwaukee, WI
6/05/20 Milwaukee: Family of Alvin Cole announces they’re ready to fight for justice Milwaukee, WI
6/07/20 Milwaukee: Labor contingent marches against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
5/30/20 Milwaukee: Large protests against police crimes Milwaukee, WI
1/13/20 Milwaukee: Momentum builds for protest at Trump visit Milwaukee, WI
7/18/20 Milwaukee: Northside marches against WE Energies and for green jobs Milwaukee, WI
2/11/20 Milwaukee: Police now claim Alvin Cole shot gun before they murdered him Milwaukee, WI
1/06/20 Milwaukee: Protesters stand against act of war on Iran, say, “Not in our name” Milwaukee, WI
1/28/20 Milwaukee: Rally against war on Iraq, Iran Milwaukee, WI
7/10/20 Milwaukee: Students honor Vanessa Guillén, protest UWM Professor Schoeller and administration Milwaukee, WI
1/07/20 Milwaukee: Wisconsin FRSO responds to hit piece Milwaukee, WI
12/22/20 Milwaukee: Wonderstate Coffee workers successfully form union in historic win Milwaukee, WI
1/26/20 Minneapolis builds solidarity with Iraq’s mass movement against U.S. occupation Minneapolis, MN
9/23/20 Minneapolis calls for an end to aid to Israel, remembers Sabra and Shatila Minneapolis, MN
1/07/20 Minneapolis joins with 90 U.S. cities to say “U.S. troops out of Iraq - no war on Iran” Milwaukee, WI
7/28/20 Minneapolis protest demands justice for Vanessa Guillen, Breonna Taylor, women lost to state violence Minneapolis, MN
10/17/20 Minneapolis protest demands legalization for immigrants Minneapolis, MN
2/02/20 Minneapolis protest rejects Trump’s expansion of Muslim ban to six new countries Minneapolis, MN
11/01/20 Minneapolis protesters march in costume on Halloween to end the Trump horror show Minneapolis, MN
2/01/20 Minneapolis protests anti Palestine “Deal of Century,” racist travel bans Minneapolis, MN
7/25/20 Minneapolis protests Trump's repression in Portland Minneapolis, MN
6/03/20 Minneapolis Public Schools follows lead of University of Minnesota, ends contract with Minneapolis Police Department Minneapolis, MN