Friday June 2, 2023
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3/23/20 Louisiana trans organizers fight COVID-19 with solidarity New Orleans, LA
6/13/20 New Orleans protesters un-arrest Black community member and rally to defund police New Orleans, LA
5/09/20 Transgender solidarity from Louisiana to Uganda New Orleans, LA
12/10/20 Students protest Tulane University Police Department New Orleans, LA
8/14/20 New Orleans trans community wins $256 name change fee decrease New Orleans, LA
11/06/20 New Orleans protesters march to defeat Trump, defend people’s freedoms New Orleans, LA
6/02/20 Hundreds in New Orleans rally against police, racism and gender-based violence New Orleans, LA
6/04/20 Hundreds protest racist violence in New Orleans, police attack demonstrators New Orleans, LA
6/14/20 New Orleans community organizers prepare rally to defend trans lives New Orleans, LA
9/13/20 New Orleans trans community celebrates name change, housing victories, keeps up fight New Orleans, LA
12/22/20 USW strikes Constellium at Alabama aluminum plant Muscle Shoals, AL
4/09/20 Fighting for Justice is Essential Work Minnesota
5/29/20 Continue the fight to get justice for George Floyd! Minnesota
3/09/20 Minnesota International Women’s Day: If we are organized, we can beat them, and we have a world to win! Minnesota
6/04/20 Minnesota: Anti-War Committee demands justice for George Floyd Minnesota
9/11/20 TCC4J statement on court hearing for George Floyd’s murderers Minneapolis–Saint Paul
11/01/20 Minneapolis protesters march in costume on Halloween to end the Trump horror show Minneapolis, MN
9/16/20 Pretrial hearing for cops that killed George Floyd, large protest demands justice Minneapolis, MN
1/30/20 Minnesotans tell Klobuchar to drop White House run. Reports say she sent innocent Black teen to prison for life Minneapolis, MN
12/14/20 Human Rights Day car caravan rolls through Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
9/24/20 Twin Cities march for Breonna Taylor shuts down major freeway Minneapolis, MN
6/14/20 Thousands march in Minneapolis to oppose police crimes Minneapolis, MN
8/27/20 Protesters clash with police in downtown Minneapolis, mayor summons National Guard Minneapolis, MN
5/28/20 Uprising underway in Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
3/08/20 COVID-19 cases top 100,000 worldwide as Trump continues to reject science, downplay problem Minneapolis, MN