Wednesday February 8, 2023
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6/06/20 Police brutality protesters gather in Lansing and Grand Rapids Grand Rapids, MI
5/30/20 Police attack protesters in San José, California San José, CA
6/01/20 Police attack demonstration in Ohio Columbus, OH
5/31/20 Police attack Dallas protest for George Floyd Dallas, TX
7/10/20 Pitt grad student organizers condemn changes to ICE Student Exchange and Visitor Program rules Pittsburgh, PA
7/10/20 Pitt grad student organizers condemn changes to ICE Student Exchange and Visitor Program rules Pittsburgh, PA
12/31/20 Photo Essay: The Minneapolis George Floyd uprising Minneapolis, MN
9/21/20 Philippines: “No tyrant can withstand a million people marching as one” Philippines
7/07/20 Philippines: Wage all forms of protest and resistance to junk Duterte's Terror Law Philippines
9/03/20 Philippines: Trade unions call for release of vulnerable prisoners Philippines
1/27/20 Philippines: Scrap Visiting Forces Agreement for national sovereignty Philippines
3/24/20 Philippines: Resist Duterte's authoritarian powers in the guise of Covid-19 response Philippines
4/20/20 Philippines: Police arrest activists performing COVID-19 relief work Philippines
10/06/20 Philippines: Paramilitary leader behind Lianga massacre killed in gun battle with New People’s Army Philippines
8/30/20 Philippines: Opposition to early release for U.S. Marine who raped, murdered Filipino transgender woman Philippines
11/28/20 Philippines: On the murder of NDFP consultants Eugenia Magpantay and Agaton Topacio Philippines
4/02/20 Philippines: New People’s Army orders COVID-19 monitoring in Davao areas Philippines
7/23/20 Philippines: New People’s Army lands blow on U.S.-backed Duterte regime armed forces Philippines
12/11/20 Philippines: NDF-Mindanao spokesperson was extrajudicially killed Philippines
4/24/20 Philippines: Martial Law or Peace Talks? Philippines
12/12/20 Philippines: Labor movement demands release of Human Rights Day 7 Philippines
8/18/20 Philippines: Killings of rights defenders continue amid COVID-19 spike, economic recession Philippines
9/29/20 Philippines: Human rights are weapons against Duterte's state terrorism Philippines
6/22/20 Philippines: Government forces go on killing spree, 4 peasants murdered in Samar, Iloilo Philippines
6/11/20 Philippines: Denounce threats against protesters using Covid-19 as pretext Philippines