Friday August 12, 2022
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9/27/20 UW-Milwaukee SDS rallies to get cops off campus Milwaukee, WI
2/07/20 UW-Parkside SDS lead rally to free Chrystul Kizer, confront DA Graveley Kenosha, WI
3/17/20 Venezuela: American Teamsters tour printing factory Maracay, Venezuela
12/07/20 Venezuela: Free and fair election day confirmed by international observers Caracas, Venezuela
3/11/20 Venezuela: FRSO labor delegation meets with Bolivarian Space Agency Caracas, Venezuela
3/12/20 Venezuela: FRSO meets National Electoral Council president Caracas, Venezuela
4/28/20 Venezuela: Solidarity vs. COVID-19 (and Capital) Chicago, IL
1/24/20 Venezuelans celebrate one year of resistance to U.S. coup attempt Caracas, Venezuela
3/26/20 Veteran Chicano leader Carlos Montes blasts Trump response to crisis Los Angeles, CA
9/06/20 Video: 50th anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium Los Angeles, CA
8/06/20 Washington DC deadlocked as 30 million have their unemployment benefits cut San Jose, CA
8/06/20 Waupaca, WI: Black Lives Matter protest disrupted by cops, protester violently arrested Waupaca, WI
1/07/20 Week 13 of Asarco Strike sees more RedForEd donations Tucson, AZ
4/14/20 Week of action demands that all immigrants detained in Minnesota be released Minneapolis, MN
2/12/20 Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions crop up across Canada following arrests Milwaukee, WI
5/13/20 WFTU announcement about the effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Arab countries International
6/02/20 WFTU Campaign: Solidarity to the U.S. people’s struggle World
1/08/20 WFTU solidarity statement with all-India general strike India
3/26/20 WFTU statement on the attacks against workers World
3/24/20 What the federal government needs to do as crisis deepens San José, CA
2/09/20 Who is Bill Conway, candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney? Chicago, IL
4/20/20 Wisconsin businesses threaten to reopen, workers must fight back Wisconsin
3/10/20 Wisconsin FRSO celebrates International Women’s Day in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
4/08/20 Wisconsin FRSO condemns April 7 election farce Milwaukee, WI
5/30/20 Wisconsin FRSO condemns mayor’s curfew and deployment of National Guard Milwaukee, WI